Insomniac Games Finally Announces Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Game+ Release Date, With New Suits ‘and more’ Promised

It is time to head back to New York City.

Insomniac Games Finally Announces Marvel's Spider-Man 2's New Game+ Release Date, With New Suits 'and more' Promised


  • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is finally getting a title update in a month.
  • Insomniac Games is bringing a New Game+ mode to its game.
  • The update will also include new suits and more new features.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was one of the most anticipated video games of 2023 because it was the sequel to a genre-defining superhero title that set a new benchmark for all other developers. Unfortunately, after its release, when it was time for Insomniac to celebrate its success, the studio was hit with massive leaks by hackers who were demanding ransom in exchange for highly confidential information.


As disappointing as that was for the developer, it was bad for fans as well since it brought all updates by the studio to a halt.

Now that enough time has passed for Insomniac to recollect itself, the studio has announced a much-requested update for the player base of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Finally Getting an Update in Just a Month

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans will not have to wait too long for a huge update.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans won’t have to wait too long for a huge update.

Insomniac Games took to its official X account to announce that it will be releasing the “next update” for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in just a month. The upcoming patch is set to include a variety of different features, but one stands out the most as a highly requested highlight that fans have been looking forward to.

One of the major complaints about the Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel was that after the main story ends and all the side missions are completed, there is not much left to do in New York City except swing around with no real purpose.

That is where the initial lack of a New Game+ mode in Marvel’s Spider Man 2 was really felt by its fanbase, since the first two games in the series both offered it, and it seemed like something was missing from the sequel. Players will be delighted to know that the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game+ release date is March 7, so they will not have to wait too long to get back into the Spidey suit and tackle the story with all their upgrades and gear.


But the most interesting aspect of Insomniac Games’ announcement is how the studio has teased other “features” that will accompany the mode.

The New Game+ Mode Is Not the Only Feature in the Upcoming Update

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 New Game+ release date is March 7.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game+ release date is March 7.

Aside from the New Game+ mode, the upcoming “title update” for Marvel’s Spider Man 2 will also include “new suits,” which sounds amazing considering the fact that the base game already had plenty of iconic costumes that the web-slinger has donned in various forms of media.

The best part is that the developer has also teased “more” features, which makes one wonder what the studio has in store for its fans.


Since there is still a month to go until its official launch, the developer has not revealed everything just yet but has advised players to stay connected to it on social media for further details.

The studio will provide “a complete list of features” as the Marvel’s Spider Man 2 New Game Plus launch date gets closer.

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