Insomniac Says That Miles Morales Will Be the Main Spider-Man in Future Games

Not all fans are in favor of Miles Morales leading the Spider-Man franchise, even as the writers for the sequel reveal the idea being considered.

Insomniac Says That Miles Morales Will Be the Main Spider-Man in Future Games


  • Spider-Man 2 was released just last month, with fans praising the two Spider-Men fighting together in the game.
  • The writers behind the sequel revealed that the team was working on the idea of Miles Morales leading the franchise by himself in the future.
  • The writers also revealed being careful about keeping a balance between the two leads in the sequel.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was released on October 20th and brings together the two Spider-Men leading the title for the first time in the franchise. While most Marvel fans have known Peter Parker as the only Spider-Man, it was refreshing to have Miles Morales as the lead in the 2020 spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brought in a healthy on-screen time for both Spider-Men as they fought a series of enemies in the game together; however, it now looks like the two heroes might not join forces again any time soon. In a recent interview, Insomniac Games’ Brittney Morris and Ben Arfmann both revealed that fans might see Miles Morales leading the franchise alone.

Miles Morales Will Be the Face of the Spider-Man Franchise

Miles Morales could headline the Spider-Man franchise in the future as the only lead.
Miles Morales could headline the Spider-Man franchise in the future as the only lead.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has already become the best-selling title in the franchise so far, gaining praise for story, gameplay, and the addition of some phenomenal characters in Venom and Kraven the Hunter, along with a host of returning characters who have all been brilliant.


Brittney Morris, Narrative Director, and Ben Arfmann, Advanced Writer, covered Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in an interview with io9 a few days before the game was finally out and shared their vision for the future of the franchise.

The interview was spoiler-heavy and covered almost every aspect of the new title, including the main missions and some of the side missions as well. One of the most surprising revelations was the fact that Miles Morales was chosen to be the main Spider-Man in future titles.

When the question was put forth about whether that was the plan all along, Morries mentioned how it felt quite natural. There might be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 spoilers in the rest of the article.


Morris went on to describe how the franchise has evolved thus far, with Miles taking things head-on after struggling to understand “what he wants to do with his life,” but by the end of the game, Miles is a lot more confident as he is seen “carrying the burden of saving the city.

Arfmann added further that the idea of “handing the reins over” was in place from the beginning. Arfmann went on to reveal that Jon Paquette, Narrative Director, had written the scene towards the end of the game, with both Spider-Men in Aunt May’s garage, where Miles reads Peter’s mind intuitively while he stumbles to hand Miles the mask and says “You know I got this, bro.

Arfmann recalls the scene as his favorite in the game and describes it as one of the best moments between the two Spider-Men. Arfmann mentioned that the scene was the best way the game could have ended.


Spider-Man 2 Writers Kept Screen Time for Both Spider-Men in Check

Not many favor Miles Morales leading the Spider-Man franchise, as Peter Parker remains the fan-favorite.
Not many favor Miles Morales leading the Spider-Man franchise, as Peter Parker remains the fan favorite.

When questioned if there was a consideration regarding Miles Morales getting less screen time compared to Peter Parker in the sequel, Morris narrated how the team kept the balance in check. Morris revealed that she joined the Spider-Man 2 team when the game was already a month into production and was asked for her opinion on what she felt about the two Spider-Men.

Morris mentioned that the team constantly checked the distribution between the two leads and ensured the story was exactly what the team wanted to narrate with both heroes. Arfmann chimed in that the story was no longer a “mentor-mentee story,” as it was in the spin-off in between the two main titles.

Arfmann mentioned that right from the start of the sequel’s opening involving Sandman, the two leads get a solid partnership going on, which is later challenged even further by Harry’s Symbiote and Mr. Negative. Arfmann concluded by stating the writing team was quite confident of doing “service to both Spider-Men” in a story where both leads got a starring role.


Fans seem to have not approved of the idea of Miles Morales leading the franchise in the future, as several posts on X (previously Twitter) were filled with fans disappointed at the revelation by the writers of the sequel. Insomniac Games will shift focus to Marvel’s Wolverine as its next big project before starting the next title in the Spider-Man franchise.

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