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Internet’s Already Losing It as Dragon Ball Super Makes Trunks Anime Version of DC Superman

Internet’s Already Losing It as Dragon Ball Super Makes Trunks Anime Version of Dc’s Superman

From time immemorial Dragon Ball fans have compared Goku with Superman because of their upright nature and also because their origin stories are the same to a certain extent. However, Goku is the fan’s choice, but Dragon Ball has officially revealed that there is a Superman version in their universe and the character has no connection with Goku.

Trunks from Dragon Ball Super
Trunks from Dragon Ball Super

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Trunks Officially Declared Superman of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super officially revealed that Trunks is Superman of the franchise and not Goku. While many fans are disappointed with this decision, it is not the origin or the circumstances that make them equal, it is their day-to-day life, and their actions. Trunks’ daily life is almost the same as that of Clark Kent’s.

In the Super Hero Arc of Dragon Ball Super, the main protagonist Goten and Trunks are teenagers who go to school and also fight crimes as superheroes. He too manages a secret identity as Superman to protect those who are close to him. Trunks, too, has a girl [Mai] for whom he has feelings, but soon he comes to realize that she fell in love with the suit and not the person under it.

Trunks, Goku and Superman
Trunks, Goku and Superman

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Though Trunks and Mai personally know each other, he couldn’t reveal his identity to her to keep her safe from the villains that wanted to hurt him. This scenario of Trunks and Mai is very similar to what Clark Kent and Lois Lane went through.

Similarities Between Goku And Superman

Kakarot also commonly known as Goku is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. Goku was sent to Earth at a very small age as his planet was on the verge of destruction just like that of Superman. Saiyans are a very powerful race who are almost on the verge of being erased from existence. They are naturally born fighters and are one of the strongest in their universe, and just like Superman, they were outsiders on planet Earth who were just extremely powerful to adjust to society.

Goku in dragon ball

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However, despite their difficulties, they both became Earth’s mightiest heroes and protected their homes from within and mainly from extraterrestrial threats as they both were extremely powerful and capable enough to save Earth from any threats. Goku is also a name given to him on Earth, his real name is Kakarot just like that of Clark Kent’s is Kal El. So comparing these facts, some can say that Goku is easily Dragon Ball’s Superman, but he is not. Not only he is not considered Superman, but he also does not have a connection to the one they call Dragon Ball’s Superman.

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