Invincible Season 2 Part 1 Sets Up Appearance of the Vilest Viltrumite Who’s Even Worse Than Antony Starr’s Homelander 

Invincible to introduce a character that makes her not just Mark's worst enemy but also the audience's

invincible season 2 part 1 sets up appearance of the vilest viltrumite who’s even worse than antony starr’s homelander


  • Invincible season 2 part 2 would be introducing a character known for her controversial acts against Mark.
  • Anissa plays a big part in Mark's story and the overall story as well, but there is room for change.
  • The series could change her original story, making her a better character and undoing her heinous crime.
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Invincible took the world by storm ever since it first premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Due to the smashing success of the first season, there was no doubt that fans would be rooting endlessly for the second as well. Now that the first part of the second season has concluded, there is a range of possibilities yet to come true that the series would bring to life from the comics.

Steven Yeun as Mark Grayson in a still from Invincible
Steven Yeun as Mark Grayson in a still from Invincible

As the second part begins to dawn, so do various characters who could potentially appear in the series. There are some gruesome enemies that the series includes, including the vicious Omni-Man. However, he is not the only Viltrumite that stands strong in the story’s narrative. One Viltrumite is significant and controversial at the same time, Anissa.

Warning: The following article talks about sexual assault.


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Anissa Debut in Invincible’s Show

The second part of season two may be bringing another Viltrumite into the picture as Mark’s story progresses in Invincible. Anissa, a Viltrumite has a significant impact on the story. She is one of the most controversial characters in the series, perhaps more so than Homelander would ever be for The Boys. The invasion of the Viltrumites onto Earth now is Mark’s responsibility. It would make sense why they do not trust him. In order to ensure the task does not fail, Anissa is sent to Earth so as to monitor his movements.

Invincible 2
Invincible 2

What brings about controversy, however, are her actions towards the protagonist. After she is unable to persuade Mark, she does things that forever burned her into becoming one of the most controversial and disliked characters in the comics. She is known to have s*xually assaulted Mark, forcing herself onto him no matter how much he rejected her advances. To complete her mission, which is to produce more half-Viltrumite children, she rejects humans and chooses to go after Mark instead.


Not only did she r*pe him, but she also ended up having his child. The scene itself stands to be accounted as both unnecessary and dark in general. By the looks of it, her debut for the television series is also nigh.

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Anissa Could be Making Her Way into Season 2

Anissa plays a big part in Invincible no matter how disliked she may be as a character. So it is inevitable that her debut in the series is also underway. In fact, there is a strong chance that the second part of the second season will be bringing her into play. This might also be Prime Video’s chance to change what the comics couldn’t. They could potentially remove the controversial scene altogether if not change it completely.

A still from Invincible Season 2
A still from Invincible Season 2

There is only a matter of patience and hope that can keep the fans going. To have Mark avoid such turmoil and perhaps change Anissa’s reputation in the process, Invincible could take turns for the better.

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