Iron Man Just Invented His Most Powerful Suit Ever – It Practically Makes Him a God

Iron Man Just Invented His Most Powerful Suit Ever
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Iron Man has been around for a long time, so it’s no shock Tony Stark has constantly come up with new armor designs. As technology advances, Iron Man upgrades and improves his armor to keep ahead of the competition. Tony’s ultimate assignment in Marvel’s near future sees him develop his most powerful suit – advanced armor that he believes to be his grave.


Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions, published in 2001, encouraged creators to speculate on hypothetical situations that characters might encounter in the new millennium. The compilation of solitary stories takes some bold swings, like an aging Tony Stark instigating one final rendition of his legendary Armor Wars story by attempting to prevent a lethal villain from distributing armor to thousands of trained murderers.

Iron Man's final suit in the Millennial Visions
Iron Man’s final suit in the Millennial Visions

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t read Iron Man: The Final Days then you might wanna back out as there are some serious spoilers with its final arc.


Iron Man builds his final suit

Ariel Olivetti and Jorge Lucas’ Iron Man: The Final Days depict Tony as being in his sixties. Tony is unable to remove the armor because it is now more necessary than ever for keeping his heart beating. When a dangerous villain known as Shogun creates a new sort of armor that rivals Iron Man, Tony must go back to his workshop and make one more suit to prevent his legacy from becoming the harbinger of a new armored age of fascism.

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

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Tony’s last outfit is described as “his most powerful Iron Man armor to date” to take on an army of evil Iron Men. Given that this would incorporate both his Hulk buster suit and God buster armor, Tony’s final suit almost raises him to godhood.


Iron Man: The Final Days is tragic

The plot is a tragic but perfect conclusion for Tony Stark, as he ends his life both reliant on his legendary armor and dedicated to his lifelong purpose of avoiding the weapons export that enriched his family in the first place. Tony has been through multiple ‘Armor Wars,’ in which he attempts to stop armored suits (often of his own creation) from slipping into the hands of the wrong people, with the famous plot inspired a forthcoming Disney+ series of the same title.

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Armor Wars on Disney Plus
Armor Wars on Disney Plus

While the term isn’t mentioned in The Final Days, it’s evident that Tony’s conclusion is inspired by one of his most legendary stories Iron Man. There’s also a touch of the medieval knight – a figure Tony has always admired – storming into battle against overwhelming odds.


While other versions depict Iron Man retiring with a successor to carry on his legacy, a tragic but honorable final blow is perhaps more fitting. Marvel portrayed Iron Man as a legend with more demons than most, and it’s no accident that the elder Tony is portrayed almost identically to his father – a man whose heritage he both embraced and despised. Iron Man’s ultimate suit is a formidable monster designed to outperform everything that has come before it, but it is also a casket, and Tony dies indistinguishable from the Iron Man character he constructed as a representation of his best self.



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