Armor Wars: Iron Man Villains We Want To See Next

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As the days close by till we see Armor Wars streaming on Disney+, fans are aching for these villains to make an appearance. Here are some Marvel villains we want to see in Armor Wars.


Zeke Stane Would Be A Good Way To Help Things Come Full Circle

Zeke Stane

He is Obadiah Stane‘s long forgotten son from the comic books. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is yet to bring this dude into the big screens. If you thought Obadiah was a bad guy, wait till you meet Zeke. he is twice as maniacal and crazy as his father. When he was just nine years old, Zeke ran a weapons research firm that sold advanced tech and weaponry to terrorists. Ever since he was a kid, Zeke was obsessed with beating Tony Stark, considering him his life’s greatest rival. While Tony created the Iron Man suit to synergize himself with technology, Zeke turned his body into a machine. Since events started with a Stane, they should continue with another in MCU Phase 4 and beyond.

Titanium Man Played A Major Role In The Armor Wars Comic Book Arc

Titanium Man

This green tinged armored maniac had a pivotal role to play in the comic book arc of Armor Wars. And since he is a long time Iron man villain, it stands to reason to believe he is going to appear in some form as the villain. Titanium Man appeared during the peak of the Cold War era. Boris Bullski fought Iron Man on numerous occasions. Many more men have worn the suit and the mantle of Titanium Man has been passed around a lot. But if this guy does appear, it would be good to start with Boris as Titanium Man before the mantle is passed to someone else.


Crimson Dynamo Is One Of Iron Man’s Oldest Foes

Crimson DynamoThe original Crimson Dynamo was Anton Vanko. In the MCU, Anton is the father of Whiplash as shown during the events of Iron Man 2. One of the first Marvel comics villains hailing from Mother Russia, Anton Vanko later defected to America where he became a part of Stark Industries. bringing back Anton from the dead would be impossible but there are other characters who have taken on the role of the mighty Crimson Dynamo like Yuri Petrovich and Boris Turgenov. The story of Crimson Dynamo could involve an inventor who was wronged by Tony Stark, just like Quentin Beck was in Homecoming.

Stilt Man Could Be A Good Source Of Comic Relief In Armor Wars

Stilt Man

One of the lamest villains to ever come out of the pages of Marvel Comics, Stilt Man has since become a fan-favorite amongst the fans. The character would be a good source of comic relief in the show. His armor allows him to extend his limbs to impossible lengths. In Armor Wars, it was shown that Stilt Man had embedded stolen Stark tech into his suit. Plus the guy could serve as a good punching bag for War Machine.

Justin Hammer Is A Key Armor Wars Figure Who Cannot Be Ignored

Justin Hammer

Hammer turned out to be a secondary antagonist in Iron Man 2. In the comic books, Justin hammer helped create the Firepower armor in Armor Wars. He has been missing since the second Iron Man movie. But he is the likeliest villain to make an appearance in the upcoming series. His Hammerdrones are highly intelligent androids that are basically made out of stolen Stark tech. So it is not like Hammer is totally new to the game. Maybe he is the one selling the technology to everyone all along.


The Power Broker Will Help Connect The Dots

Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter outed herself as the Power Broker at the very end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. She sells information and stolen technology for a living. Her modus operandi would make it crucial for the MCU to make her a part of Armor Wars. If there’s stolen tech involved, Carter must be ready to pounce at the very first chance she gets.


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