How MCU Reduced the Iron Man Armor From a God Tier Superweapon to a Nerfed Down Tin Can

How MCU Reduced the Iron Man Armor From a God Tier Superweapon to a Nerfed Down Tin Can

Iron Man was one of the most popular heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his death in Avengers: Endgame moved the fans to tears. With his debut in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie directed by Jon Favreau, he has appeared in nine movies till his tragic death. In almost every movie we noticed the superhero built a new suit. But each suit wasn’t really an upgrade but kept getting weaker and weaker as MCU kept expanding.

The armors got weaker as MCU expanded
The armors got weaker as MCU expanded

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The story of Iron Man in MCU

Iron Man was introduced to MCU as the arrogant and egoistic, superrich CEO, Tony Stark. He is the CEO of Stark Industries and the chief weapons manufacturer for the US Military. He was kidnapped by the Ten Rings, he builds his first suit to break free. Unlike most superheroes, he does not keep his identity hidden and even shows off being a Superhuman.

The very first Amror of Iron Man
The very first Armor of Iron Man

Later, he grows as a human and starts caring for others as well. Many times in the franchise, we have seen him ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Though he remains a bit of a narcissist still. By the Avengers: Endgame, he is seen building a family and even has a daughter. Also, he has a fatherly love for Peter Parker and risks it all to bring him back as he disappeared in the blip.

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The changing suits reflect his story

At first, when Tony Stark built his suit it was for defending himself and breaking free from the captivity of the Ten Rings. In the second movie, too, the suit also had similar qualities. The events of The Avengers lead him to suffer from PTSD and that is when he started building more weaponized armor. He started preferring weapons over durability.

Iron Man suffered from PTSD
Iron Man suffered from PTSD

His suits reflected his inner battles. His rash decisions are what led to the creation of Ultron and he became the worst adversary of the Avengers. By the end, his armor was even capable of holding something as strong as the Infinity Stones. But due to the lack of durability, his suits became weaker, and though his last suit had the strength to hold them, it couldn’t save him.

MCU could’ve come up with a way to balance weapons with durability. But failed to do so.

The weakest suit of Iron Man and the strongest

The weakest suit ever worn by the superhero has to be the very first one – Mark I, though it had enough strength to help him get out of the caves where he was held captive, it was no match to the suits that followed. It was built using whatever Tony could find in the cave. It had flame throwers, limited rocket launchers, and crude jet boots, it was bulletproof but had open spots.

The Infinity Saga suit was built with nanotech
The Infinity Saga suit was built with nanotech

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The strongest has to be the one built during the Infinity Saga – Mark LXXXV. It was built using nanotech and could take great damage with a lot more resistance. It was better at fighting and defense compared to most of his past suits.

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