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Is Gorr Stronger Than Thanos

Thanos has been the most powerful enemy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up till now, partially due to his maniacal purpose, but also owing to his overwhelming strength. When he eventually appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, he defeated the Hulk with ease. Also, without the help of the Infinity Stones, he took on Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America alone in Avengers: Endgame. However, in Phase 4, Marvel is increasing the game by introducing a slew of new characters, many of whom may be more dangerous than Thanos. One of them may be Gorr the God-Butcher, a tyrant who has committed his life to slaying all gods. Let’s have a look at who among the two is the more powerful:

The backstory of Thanos, the Mad Titan:

Thanos vs Gorr: Who is stronger.
Thanos snapping with his gauntlet on.

Not just in the Marvel world, but also in comics in general, Thanos has established himself as one of the most well-known villains. He is the offspring of two Eternals, and also a Deviants gene carrier, which accounts for his physical prowess. His mother intended to murder him since he was a threat to the cosmos, but his father intervened. Thanos is one of the strongest cosmic beings that has battled almost every prominent superhero team in the Marvel world, such as the Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos even battled King Thanos, an alternate version of himself who was responsible for killing everyone in the universe.

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The backstory of Gorr, the God-Butcher:

Thanos vs Gorr: Who is stronger.
Main antagonist of the comic series Thor: God of Thunder.

Gorr is an enigmatic character. He was raised in dire poverty and was taught to believe in the gods that protected them, but the gods never responded to his pleas. He was banished by his people after he rejected all the gods one day, after being devastated by all the tragedies in his life. Later, he saw Knull, a dark older deity, battle another god in the desert. Gorr grew enraged after realizing that gods are real. He now understood that the deities were there, but just did not want to protect him. He became even more angry when Knull’s rival requested his assistance, and when Knull’s sword united with him to become the All-Black the Necrosword, he used it to slay the deity. Gorr then took on the persona of the God Butcher, promising to slay and eliminate all gods in the cosmos.

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Comparing the powers of Thanos and Gorr:

Thanos is a colossal figure in the Marvel Universe. He is an Eternal who has proven to be more formidable than other Marvel characters, even without using foreign modifications like the Infinity Stones. He is immortal, with incredible strength, agility, and endurance, and is almost invincible. In addition, the Mad Titan possesses extraordinary intelligence.

Gorr had a wide range of abilities, including super strength, speed, resilience, and reflexes, when he was the God Butcher ie. when he was in synergy with All-Black. He also possessed the ability to manipulate component matter and regeneration powers that made him nearly eternal. When this was coupled with his consciousness eternally linked with All-Black, he became nearly immortal. He might be killed if the All-Black is destroyed, although this is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

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The big question: Is Gorr stronger than Thanos?

The war between Thanos vs Gorr.
The war between Thanos vs Gorr.

According to our understanding, if Thanos faced Gorr without the Infinity Gauntlet, he would very probably lose the fight. Gorr, however, has battled and killed gods, and he wielded a sword that was essentially a deity. Gorr has battled and slain enemies capable of defeating Thanos in this regard. As a result, we may conclude that Gorr is stronger than Thanos. Although it would not be an effortless battle, we are confident that Gorr will prevail in Thanos vs Gorr. However, if Thanos tricked him with certain enhancements, Gorr would be powerless to resist it.

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