“Is it ANY OF MY F–KING BUSINESS?”: Despite Saving Her From ODing, Johnny Depp Lost the Support of $100 Million Rich Singer When He Needed It the Most

Despite Saving Her From ODing, Johnny Depp Lost the Support of $100 Million Rich Singer When He Needed It the Most
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Johnny Depp has been at the front and center of the public’s attention since his viral and infamous defamation trial against former wife and film actress, Amber Heard. The event which was sensationalized beyond reason caused an uproar in 2022 after being aired on television across the country and subsequently made into reels, shorts, videos, and memes before being parlayed onto social media platforms for mass consumption and mockery.


However, despite the chaotic progress of the trial from April to June 2022, the two very real people who sat at the epicenter commanded an army of supporters who went to a virtual battle against the opposing factions for the sake of their favored celebrity.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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Among the multitude of supporters also lay celebrities, acquaintances, friends, and associates of the plaintiff and the defendant, and one of the celebrities to vocally announce her support was the late singer Kurt Cobain’s former girlfriend and frontwoman of Hole, Courtney Love.

Johnny Depp’s Gains the Confidence of Courtney Love

Soon after the defamation trial started to be televised, the hordes of fans, self-acclaimed experts, critics, and practitioners of behavioral psychology came forward to lend their two cents on the matter. No matter the line that separated the common folk and Every Man from the gilded world of celebrity, each treated their favored party as someone they were convinced to be the innocent of the two, or at least, the lesser evil.

Courtney Love with Kurt Cobain
Courtney Love with Kurt Cobain and her daughter, Frances Bean

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Among the celebrities who similarly came forth to declare her beliefs was Courtney Love, famously known for her association with the lead singer of Nirvana and for being the frontwoman of a band herself. Love’s relationship with Johnny Depp exceeds far beyond being just a close acquaintance – she claims he once saved her life in 1995 when she overdosed.

“I don’t really wanna make judgments publicly. I just want to tell you that Johnny gave me CPR in 1995 when I overdosed outside The Viper Room… Johnny, when I was on crack and Frances was having to suffer through that with all these social workers, wrote her a four-page letter that she’s never showed me.

Then he sent limos to her school where all the social workers were crawling around, again, unasked, for her and all her friends to go to ‘Pirates.’ He did it a bunch of times. He gave her her own seat [at the premieres] with her name on it. I’ve never seen one of those ‘Pirates’ movies, but [Frances] loved them. You know, she said to me when she was 13, ‘Mama, he saved my life.’ And she said it again.”

At the time, Courtney Love was mourning the death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, who died by a self-afflicted gunshot wound to the head in 1994 at the age of 27. The couple were married for 2 years and had one child together in 1993, Frances Bean, who was famously doted on by Depp.

Johnny Depp Loses Support of Close Friend, Courtney Love

Courtney Love, in her speech showing support for Johnny Depp, went on to deliver her criticism against Amber Heard although not before showing her empathy for the defendant first:


“I’ve been the most hated woman in America. I’ve been the most hated woman in the world before TikTok and it’s a really… I have a lot of empathy for what that must feel like for Amber. F–k man, wow, can you imagine being her? 

But if you use a movement for your own personal gain, and you inhabit queer feminist intersectional spaces, and you abuse that moment, then I hope justice gets served whatever it is.”

Courtney Love
Courtney Love

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Over the duration of the defamation trial, however, Love soon retracted her statements quickly.

“I engaged in expressing thoughts online. The platform accidentally posted a story I didn’t want public (I’m sure it was not deliberate). Was it a genuine, expression of support for someone whose been a wondrous presence in our lives? Is it ANY OF MY F–KING BUSINESS? No.

I certainly don’t always do the right thing. I want to show neutral support for a friend. I dont want to bully. I’ve been bullied enough. I did not want to express my own bias / internalized mysoginy [sic].”

The video which was posted on Courtney Love’s friend, Jessica Reed Kraus’s Instagram account was taken down shortly after followed by the aforementioned statements.


Source: Instagram | Courtney Love


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