‘Is it because he wears masks?’: Tom Hardy Reportedly is the Most Difficult Actor to Comprehend By Americans in Recent Study, Fans Point Out His Weird Accent in Peaky Blinders

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As much as we all love and adore Tom Hardy, the bitter truth is that he’s very hard to understand. No, I’m not making fun of his very prominent accent or the way he speaks but just reflecting the results of a survey done specifically to understand why some people require subtitles (even though they do understand English).


Well, Tom Hardy happens to make the top of the list as the hardest person to understand due to his accent.

Tom Hardy


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Survey By Preply

According to a survey by Preply, Tom Hardy qualifies as someone whose accent is terribly hard to understand. This could be the reason why Peaky Blinders fans rely so much on subtitles when it comes to episodes starring the Venom actor.

Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders
Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders

Tom Hardy is incredibly hot and attractive and his accent makes him 100 times more endearing. However, this same accent may be the reason why most of his fans misinterpret or misunderstand him.


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Tom Hardy, Accents And His Love For Characters With Masks

We all know that Tom Hardy’s accent is very hard to understand all be itself.

Although it becomes an even bigger problem for Hardy fans when Tom Hardy continuously opts for roles where he has to wear a mask and then deliver his lines.

Tom Hardy in masks
Tom Hardy in masks

Wearing a mask can, in itself, make it harder for an actor to make their dialogues coherent enough to be understood, add that to an already illegible accent, especially that of Tom Hardy, and you have an entire fanbase and audience regularly trying to clear their ears to understand the words.

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Is Tom Hardy Really Known For Incoherent Dialogue Delivery?

The answer is, yes. He is. Apart from being an incredibly talented actor, Tom Hardy also scores the highest in ‘Can’t understand what you’re saying‘ subject stream.


Cool, right?

Tom Hardy in Taboo
Tom Hardy in Taboo

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Tom Hardy’s inability to clearly deliver his dialogues has helped many writers pen several articles and lists about his ‘unable to understand’ movies and projects. Some of them are:


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If these aren’t enough proof of Tom Hardy’s… different accent, then I don’t know what could be.

SOURCE: The Wrap.


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