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Venom: 5 Reasons Why Tom Hardy Is The Best Eddie Brock

When the 2018 Venom movie appeared in theaters, fans were quite partial with their reception. It was a decent film but it also garnered poor reviews both from fans and critics. Vulture reviewer David Edelstein said that it was only worth seeing because of Tom Hardy.


Hardy plays the role of Eddie Brock and its counterpart Venom. People can criticize the plot of the film but certainly, they can only praise Hardy for his impeccable portrayal. It is difficult to imagine seeing any other actor fill in the shoes because he is born to play that role. Still not convinced yet? Well, here is a list of facts why Hardy is the one and only Eddie Brock/Venom:

Played A Comic Book Villain And An Anti-Hero

Tom Hardy as Bane venom

One of Hardy’s advantages is having experience playing a comic book character before. He portrayed the supervillain Bane from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. The amount of effort needed to play such a role is indeed important for someone who is going to play a character born out of pure evilness.

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He has also acted as an anti-hero in the 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road. Although not a superhero movie, it is one of Hardy’s most unforgettable roles. To play such a variety of complicated characters just proves his credibility as an actor.

Done Multiple Characters In One Movie

Tom Hardy And Venom

It is easy to play one character for the rest of the film but Hardy can do better than that. In the movie Legend, Hardy portrayed two identical twins with different personalities and motives. One is mentally unstable and the other is a sophisticated kind. It is difficult to switch characters every now and then but for his role as Venom and Eddie Brock, this is a very huge advantage.


Praised By Former Venom Actor

Topher Grace

Fans of Spider-Man 3 were not happy with former Venom actor Topher Grace’s portrayal. The actor believed so and agreed that he was not fit for the role. He was leaner than Eddie Brock should be, and Tom Hardy perfectly matches with it.

Upon hearing that Hardy will take on the role, Grace was over the moon because he knew he will give justice to the character. He said that Hardy was the best choice. It is nice to see actors praising fellow actors for a role they once filled in.


Has The Perfect Body Fit For Venom

Tom Hardy Venom

As mentioned, Hardy’s body physique is bulkier and more muscular than Grace’s. He also has facial features and expressions suitable for Eddie Brock’s character. Fans know how buff he can get especially if they have watched him from the biopic movie Bronson.

Inspired By His Son

Venom-Tom Hardy-Poster


As a massive Venom fan, Hardy’s son Louis became the actor’s inspiration in taking the role. He wanted to do something that his son could watch on the big screen. Consequently, Louis criticized his father’s performance and told him where he fell short. Hardy took it as a driving force to strive and be better in nailing the character of Venom/Eddie Brock.

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