“Is it Ryan Gosling or Henry Cavill”: Fans Speculate MCU’s New Sentry as Industry Insider Teases Major Update

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and began to speculate on Steven Yeun’s replacement in 'Thunderbolts' after industry scooper hinted that the decision had been made.

"Is it Ryan Gosling or Henry Cavill": Fans Speculate MCU's New Sentry as Industry Insider Teases Major Update


  • An industry insider revealed that Marvel may have chosen Steven Yeun’s replacement for MCU’s 'Thunderbolts'.
  • Following this news, fans began to speculate on who this actor could be, which included the A-list names of Ryan Gosling and Henry Cavill.
  • Marvel buffs though, would be eager to hear Kevin Feige’s official confirmation regarding the re-casting of Sentry.
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Marvel’s Thunderbolts lost a bit of its thunder with Korean-American actor Steven Yeun officially confirming that he had stepped down from the pivotal role of Sentry in the MCU film. Yeun who revealed that the decision was brought on purely by scheduling issues owing to the SAG-AFTRA Strike, has now left the position open for Marvel to start the casting process again.

Florence Pugh will headline MCU’s Thunderbolts

While there has been no conformation from Kevin Feige or the franchise regarding the next actor who will take on the role, an inside scooper got fans excited by hinting that Yeun’s replacement has already been decided. Following his revelation, Marvel buffs began their speculations about who this actor could be.

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Has Steven Yeun’s Replacement Been Chosen For MCU’s Thunderbolts? – Fans React

The talented Steven Yeun is no more a part of MCU’s Thunderbolts which also stars Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan, and Harrison Ford. The Oscar-nominated actor had to regretfully step down from the role of Sentry owing to scheduling dilemmas that he could not work around. While Yeun would have been a great choice for the character, Marvel and Kevin Feige will now have to find someone equally worthy to fill his shoes.

Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun isn’t a part of MCU’s Thunderbolts

An industry insider though, has created a stir among fans online by revealing that he had possible information about the actor who could replace Yeun. Following this piece of information, netizens took to social media to play the guessing game, and put their money on celebrities from Ryan Gosling, to Henry Cavill, to many others.

Alternatively, the insider’s claim could possibly mean that there are potential actors being considered for the role, or that Feige and team are on the verge of confirming this news. MCU fans for their part, will be waiting restlessly for the official verdict.


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2024 Could Turn Out To Be Rocking For The MCU

Success and failures aside, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have always pushed the envelope when it comes to ambitious storytelling. The franchise is geared up for a packed 2024 which includes the highly anticipated Deadpool 3. But the Ryan Reynolds starrer isn’t the only marquee MCU project for the year.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 could be the lucky charm for the MCU in 2024

In a press release, Disney officially laid out the plans for Marvel television shows that will be released on Disney+ in 2024. Among them is Echo, which is already confirmed to air on January 10th, while Agatha: Darkhold Diaries and the animated revival series X-Men ‘97 are also looking at a release this year, with the dates still to be announced.


With a few more Marvel animated series having completed production and awaiting release, 2024 may just be the MCU’s big year after the last few mediocre outings on the big screen. Currently, Deadpool 3 looks to be the franchise’s talisman and the lucky charm that could get Marvel back on track. With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman already garnering a lot of hype, the MCU looks to be heading in the right direction.

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