Is There a New Donkey Kong Game on the Horizon for Nintendo?

This week new leaks may suggest that Nintendo intend to announce a new Donkey Kong game at their upcoming event Nintendo Direct. This is massive news for fans of the company’s Gorilla character and will be a welcome new addition to the ever-growing collection of games to star DK as the main character.

Donkey Kong as a character even pre-dates Nintendo`s red over-alled mascot Mario, first appearing as the titular character of the 1981 game Donkey Kong which although does contain a character who looks like Mario is actually just known as Plumber Man. Since this game DK as he is known has appeared in over 60 titles either as a playable character or as he was originally intended, as the villain of the game.

Donkey Kong in Modern Media

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong in the Super Mario Bros Movie 2023

Since the character’s inception DK has appeared in many titles whether it be kidnapping the princess, playing the bongo’s, driving cars or going on adventures with his son Donkey Kong Junior and he has become many fan’s favourite character. With his hugely successful series Donkey Kong Country having successful entries for the Switch as of late as well as several soon to be released titles for the Nintendo Online store coming later this year, Nintendo, like the fans have really embraced Donkey Kong as a character once again.

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Fandomwire Video

But it’s not only gaming that has featured Mario`s favourite foe as he was also an important character in the 2023 Super Mario Bros Movie voiced by the very talented Seth Rogen, adding more comic relief to an already very fun movie that captures the same spirit that the games did.

The New Donkey Kong Leaks

Donkey Kong

Recently trusted insiders and an X user @Pyoro_X have teased the announcement. Pyoro is no stranger to these leaks and several of their past announcements have turned out to be right, making them a very trusted and looked to source on all things Nintendo so Fans are very excited to see if yet another one of these predictions are confirmed.

Pyoro tweeted a Gif of Donkey Kong from the movie amongst a series of tweets made about the Nintendo Direct event which is why fans are getting so excited and ready for the announcements at the end of the month with many stating that the tweet is a sure sign that there is a new game on the way.

However there is still some speculation over whether the announcement will be new game in the Donkey Kong franchise as stated previously there are still games yet to be released on the Nintendo Online store though we will have to wait for the Nintendo Direct on September 23rd to find out more about the upcoming Nintendo projects with others teased as well such as a new F-Zero game that could also be featured at the event.

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It would seem likely that Nintendo would like to feature DK in more upcoming games with them seeming to give the character a huge push in recent years with a new expansion being added to Super Nintendo World being focused around the character with the concept already designed and in place.

There is no clear intentions on what Nintendo are going to be announcing later this month but it seems that everyone’s favourite Ape is in the forefront of the Companies mind and the signs all look promising for everyone`s favourite ape to be going on another adventure sometime soon. Until then we will have to wait on the official word of Nintendo as to the future of Donkey Kong.

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Written by Stuart Murray

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