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“Is this person the bad guy?”: Jennifer Aniston Was Fooled While Shooting ‘Murder Mystery 2’ With Adam Sandler

"Is this person the bad guy?": Jennifer Aniston Was Fooled While Shooting 'Murder Mystery 2' With Adam Sandler

Murder Mystery 2 has brought Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to our Netflix screens again and fans of the two veteran Hollywood actors couldn’t be happier. Their characters, Nick and Audrey have to again solve a murder but this time it’s no ordinary mystery.

The duo will have to save the Maharaja and the chase will take them all the way to Paris. But who is the killer? Sandler and Aniston definitely knew the answer before they began filming, but director Jeremy Garelick used a twist to derail them.

Murder Mystery 2 Director Mislead Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery 2
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery 2

In a new interview with Insider, Murder Mystery 2 director Jeremy Garelick revealed that the cast already knew who was the main culprit. The film stars Enrique Arce, Jodie Turner-Smith, John Kani, Melanie Laurent, and more besides Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. But to keep things interesting and fresh, he kept trying to trick the actors into thinking that the ending has been changed. The director said:

“I think I told all of them that we were thinking about changing the ending, depending on what was happening and just to get in their minds. Keep that a little bit unsure.”

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Jeremy Garelick
Jeremy Garelick

The 47-year-old director said that he was trying to make sure that the audience gets to go on the journey with the characters and felt that the actors not knowing who did the murder would create a more authentic experience. He said:

“We really wanted to find that balance of: ‘Is this person the bad guy?’ ‘Is this person the bad guy?’ ‘Oh, wait, no. Oh yes, actually I was right.’ Murder mysteries are kind of like a game where you participate as an audience member … going along the journey with Nick and Audrey trying to figure out who did it, and thinking that we’re smart and then being told we’re not.”

However, it looks like all of Garelick’s tricks were ultimately not needed since Sandler and Aniston admitted that when they were shooting, they forgot who was the culprit.

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Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler Forgot Who Was The Murderer 

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a still from Murder Mystery 2
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a still from Murder Mystery 2

Sitting down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler said that they completely forgot who was the culprit when they were deep into shooting. Aniston said, “By the end of shooting, I had forgotten who did it.” Sandler laughed and backed up Aniston. He said, “Sometimes me and Jen would be on set and be like what is this?” 

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The two leads also talked about doing their own stunts. But Aniston complained that she didn’t have much to do compared to Sandler. Regarding the dialogues of the film, Jeremy Garelick said in the Insider interview that he instructed his actors to say multiple lines in different ways so that there were several takes for him to choose from. He said:

“We did make sure to get levels from everybody in different moments where one person may have been a little bit meaner or sweeter.” 

The first Murder Mystery film wasn’t loved by critics, but it was praised by audiences for being an entertaining watch. Garelick, who was brought in to direct the sequel hoped to please audiences as well as the critics. The sequel holds a 52% critic’s Rotten Tomatoes score so it looks like he will have to be satisfied with audience love for this one.

Murder Mystery 2 is streaming on Netflix.

Source: Insider and ET Canada

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