Is Xbox Exclusivity About to Become a Thing of the Past?

An Xbox first-party title might release on a competitor system.


  • A report states that Xbox might release a first-party title on the competitor console.
  • The leaker did not reveal the name of the game or the console.
  • Players are speculating Hi-Fi Rush to launch for Nintendo Switch.
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Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation have been at each other’s throats for a long time, trying to beat the competition with acquisitions, exclusive titles, and more. Both Microsoft and Sony have released several exclusive titles for their respective console, but it seems like Xbox exclusivity might not be for long.


A new report has surfaced online, and it has got console warriors and Xbox and PS fanatics riled up. There are rumors that the company is planning to release a first-party exclusive title for the competitor system in this calendar year.

Xbox Might Release an Exclusive Title on Competitor System in 2024

Xbox might release a first-party title on a competitor system this year.
Xbox might release a first-party title on a competitor system this year.

Microsoft has always wanted to bring its first-party games to PlayStation and Nintendo’s systems but it has been easy doing so. The new report comes from the host of the popular Nate The Hate podcast, the source that previously suggested that Xbox is working on the development of a new Banjo-Kazooie game.


In the latest episode of the Nate the Hate podcast, the discussion was about what Xbox could have in store for players in 2024 and revealed that he’s heard that the company plans to release the first-party title. The host stated that the game is critically acclaimed and is set to release sometime in 2024. However, he did not reveal the name of the title or the competitor system. He said:

The title I am referring to was met with high critical acclaim, fans loved it, [and] it was in the GOTY conversation the year it [was] released. When the announcement comes I think it’s going to be met with a lot of excitement because this is a quality game.

He further added:

Microsoft will be dabbling in bringing a 1st party game to a competitor platform in 2024. At least one game, I know of one, don’t know if there will be additional.

Although the leaker did not reveal the name of the game or the competitor system, it has not stopped players from speculating. One of the first game suggestions from the players is the rhythm-based action title Hi-Fi Rush from Tango Gameworks. Hi-Fi Rush is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed titles and was also nominated across categories at last year’s Game Awards, ultimately taking home the Best Audio Design award.

Players speculate that Hi-Fi Rush might launch for Nintendo Switch.
Players speculate that Hi-Fi Rush might launch for Nintendo Switch.

The game is speculated to be the first-party title that could release on Nintendo Switch. ResetEra user and insider lolilolailo seems to be doubling down on this claim. The main reason behind the possible Nintendo Switch release is that the game is small and might not face issues running on the system. Moreover, Microsoft has previously also released some first-party titles on Switch such as Moon Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Players are also speculating that the game might be released for the new Switch handheld console as the director of the game has stated that the game needs to run at 60fps for smooth gameplay and it might have issues on the current handheld. The game was also not available on Xbox One so that could be a possibility too. However, nothing can be said for certain until there is an official announcement.

There are also several other games that players suggest could come on to the competitor system, including Obsidian Entertainment’s Pentiment and Double Fine’s Psychonauts. Pentiment releasing on Switch is also a possibility as the director of the game, Josh Sawyer had expressed his interest in bringing the game to the handheld and it was also pretty well received by fans and critics alike.


However, many are also skeptical of the company’s plans to bring the game and wondering how the company looks to grow its Game Pass service and why would anyone invest in its consoles, if the games come to other systems. It is indeed something worth thinking about and with that, players are excited to see which game releases on the competitor system.

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