“Is your wife gonna be there?”: John Krasinski Was Rejected For A “Horrifying” Reason After Oppenheimer Star Emily Blunt’s Absence At A Party

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John Krasinski is one of the most celebrities in Hollywood, and rightly so. Also the husband of renowned actress Emily Blunt, the pair are a complete two-package deal. Yet, even Krasinski jokes that it is often his amazing wife that attracts people’s attention. Calling himself the biggest fan of his wife, the actor remains unbothered by his partner’s fame, giving fans all the more reason to love him.

John Krasinski
John Krasinski

Despite him being literally famous for his comedic acting and now as a writing and directing genius, The Office star was once brutally rejected by one of his ‘famous friends’ because of his wife’s absence. As serious as it may seem, it was actually a pretty hilarious situation.

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John Krasinski Was Once Rejected By His Famous Friend

John Krasinski with Stephen Colbert
John Krasinski with Stephen Colbert

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Being famous has its perks, but having a beautiful, talented, and more famous spouse might have a few disadvantages. One of them is that one might often get ‘rejected’ or turned down when giving out dinner invites in the absence of their ‘famous spouse’. And so it happened when the Quite Place director, John Krasinski visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In a hilarious exchange between the two, Krasinski revealed that he had in fact invited his famous and good friend Colbert to dinner that night but he had unfortunately rejected him because of his wife and Oppenheimer star, Emily Blunt‘s absence. Here is what went along between them on The Late Show,

“Krasinsiki: I invited him to dinner tonight.

Colbert: And I said…

Krasinsiki: No.

Colbert: No! I first said, ‘Is his wife going to be there?'”

While the two went back and forth, Krasinski hilariously mentioned that he had been in Stephen Colbert‘s place, he too would have gone if his wife had been there all the while pointing out the audience’s ‘horrified’ reaction to Colbert turning him down.

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John Krasinski Is The Greenest Flag Out There

John Krasinski with Emily Blunt
John Krasinski with Emily Blunt

Undoubtedly, John Krasinski is the greenest flag out there. While others might get upset over their spouses getting more attention than them, he seems to enjoy making amusing jokes about the situation. While talking with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about them having dinner together with Emily Blunt, he hilarious stated,

“I did not want to be a third wheel.”

Even when the famous celebrity interviewer added that his wife was the draw and not him, he happily agreed. And that is why fans adore him so much for being his wife’s biggest supporter and not being bothered by the ‘attention’ she gets.

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