“Stay In Your Lane!”: Is YouTube About To Jump Into the Crazy World of Video Game Development in 2023?

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Recently Google has been looking into developing a new method of video game development by using their main platform Youtube; the title of this new video game system will be known as Playables and is currently still being developed by Google and so far does not have an official release announced. As many gamers know this isn’t Google’s first attempt at creating a video game system as their first attempt was Stadia, unfortunately as of January Stadia has now been shut down as it didn’t go as well as Google had hoped and this is now their second attempt.


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What is Playables?

Is Youtube About To Jump Into Video Game Development

As of now Playables is still under development and is currently being tested by Google employees internally, the game they are testing on this system is a game called Stack Bounce which is a simple arcade game were the players need to use a ball to pop balls that are on a horizontal line across the screen. For now, this is just a test game. It may come out on release, but it is currently just being used to test how the system works and if it’s going to be an enjoyable experience.


So far, there isn’t much information about how this will work in regards to Youtube itself, but what Google has described is similar to how Stadia was going to work so that people who watch a Youtube video will be able to jump straight into the game is being played or play something separately whilst they are watching the video. This all sounds well and good in practice, but in reality, it is going to be a rather interesting concept that hopefully can work well and is enjoyable for all involved.

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Will YouTube’s Playables be more successful than Stadia?

Is Youtube About To Jump Into Video Game Development

At the moment, there isn’t much information about Playables, but from what we know of there are going to be a lot of interesting aspects that can work very well; it is very similar to the principles that Stadia was started on, but this time, it will be a lot simpler, and hopefully, we have a lot more games to offer.


One of the main aspects that will determine whether or not Playables will be better than Stadia is down to the fact of how many games will be accessible from the start, as Stadia had a very underwhelming list of games for a very long time and a lot of issues when it came to connectivity and lag if these issues are ironed out in Playables then it could potentially be a very good system that can make a very large impact in the gaming industry.

What do you think about Google’s new video game system? Will it be something that you try out when it does release, or will it go the same way as Stadia and be an unfortunate mistake that could cause many more issues for Google in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments and whether or not you will give this new system a go!

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