Hideo Kojima Breaking Barriers Again – Wants Gaming to be the Next Space-Faring Industry!

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Hideo Kojima has made a name for himself as a breaker of barriers and for coming up with fresh ideas that impact the video game industry. It should come as no surprise then to fans that a future project the Metal Gear Solid creator has in mind will prove that the sky is not the limit on his creative genius.


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According to a recent panel at the Tribeca Film Festival following a screening of his film Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds, the gaming auteur stated that he wants to design a game that can be played in space.

Hideo Kojima Q&A along with Glen Milner and Geoff Keighley for Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds

Rocket Man- What Would Hideo Kojima’s Space Game Look Like

Hideo Kojima- Ludens From DS in a space suit
Image Credit: Kojima Productions

The answer came when asked about what goals he would like to accomplish during his life.  Kojima, answering through his translator, stated that “I want to go to outer space, right.” The answer  received an ecstatic response from the audience with Kojima commenting he wants to “Create a game that you could play in space because right now all games, you probably can’t play in outer space.”

After this, he joked with the audience, pleading if someone could “please send me up to space.” Although it could be that Hideo Kojima is joking around, or dreaming big about future projects, a “space game”, might still be a possibility if some of his past endeavours are anything to go by.


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His taste for experimenting with new technology to create games is something that has been a key factor in his iconic career. This is demonstrated by the fact that some fans are speculating that he may even be working on a game for the Vision Pro headset, after his surprise appearance at Apple’s WWDC event earlier this month. In the past Kojima has even spoken of his desire to create a game that would self-destruct, should the player die in-game.

Hideo Kojima posing next to a space suit
Image Credit: Hideo Kojima (HIDEO_KOJIMA) on Twitter 

If Kojima was to make a game to be “played in space”, would we see him teaming up with a roster of celebrities in a zero-g sci-fi epic? Or would it be a survival horror game set in space using the low gravity setting of the game, and presumably the player, to create a new immersive experience?


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While a game you can “play in space” may be an out-of-this-world dream for most game creators, knowing Kojima it could also become a reality later in his career. Probably with the backing of a famous billionaire or two. Who knows, maybe this project will be the final frontier of gaming.

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