“It is borderline impossible to top this”: Mahershala Ali’s R-Rated Blade Can Never Top Wesley Snipes’ One Brutal Scene According To Fans

Marvel fans don't think Mahershala Ali starrer Blade reboot would be able to top this one brutal scene from Wesley Snipes' film

mahershala ali’s r-rated blade can never top wesley snipes’ one brutal scene according to fans


  • Despite the R rating, fans reckon the Mahershala Ali starrer movie would not be able to top this one scene from Wesley Snipe's Blade trilogy
  • The scene in question is the infamous Blood Rave scene from the first Blade movie.
  • Fans took to X to show their appreciation and fascination for the iconic scene
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It has already been years for fans who have been patiently waiting for Marvel’s Mahershala Ali starrer Blade. After numerous rewrites and rehiring, Marvel has finally handed over the reins of the movie to the talented director Yann Demange. It was also recently announced that the movie would have an R rating, which seems appropriate for the storyline.

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Mahershala Ali in Blade
Mahershala Ali (in Alita: Battle Angel)

However, despite the R rating, fans reckon the Mahershala Ali starrer movie would not be able to top this one scene from Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy. The scene in question is the infamous Blood Rave scene from the first Blade movie.


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Mahershala Ali’s Blade Can Never Top This Wesley Snipes Scene

a still from the iconic blood rave scene
A still from the iconic Blood Rave scene

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One thing that Wesley Snipes is best known for is his amazing portrayal of the human-vampire hybrid, Daywalker or Blade. His portrayal won him critical acclaim and his unique skills added a deep sense of authenticity to the character. Now as the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Kevin Feige is all geared up for its own version of the popular mythos of the fictional character, it seems the movie would face fierce competition from Snipes’ trilogy.

While it can top pretty much everything, seeing the talent behind the project, the Mahershala Ali starrer movie would find it hard to top this one brutal scene from Snipes’ first Blade movie despite it getting an R rating (via Deadline). The scene in question is the infamous Blood Rave scene.


The brutal scene features a club filled with Vampires, partying as human blood falls from sprinkles from the ceiling. As Blade infiltrates the nightclub, to eliminate all the vampires, the scene becomes even more brutal in its striking visual imagery and intensity.

Now remembered as one of the most iconic scenes from the dark and gritty Blade franchise, even fans seem to agree that the Blade reboot may find it tough to top it.


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Fans Reckon It Is Impossible To Top Blade‘s Blood Rave Scene

Wesley Snipes as Blade
Wesley Snipes as Blade

While it is no secret that the MCU wants to take a darker approach towards its Blade movie and hence has allowed it to have an R rating, fans believe it would be able to come at par with the Blood rave scene from Wesley Snipes’ Blade. While a small number of fans showed hope that it might attempt to top it, others hailed it an impossible feat (via X).


Whether it is able to top it or not, remains a far-fetched revelation as the movie hasn’t even begun production due to the ongoing strikes.

Mahershala Ali’s Blade reboot is expected to be released on February 14, 2025.


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