“It might be a lot easier for them”: Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht’s Advice for Suits Spinoff Actors Aligns with Elon Musk’s Experiments

Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht's greatest advice for the 'Suits: L.A.' cast is astounding.

"It might be a lot easier for them": Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht's Advice for Suits Spinoff Actors Aligns with Elon Musk's Experiments


  • 'Suits' universe's new spin-off titled, 'Suits: L.A.' is moving to production with a potential new set of actors.
  • The original 'Suits' stars Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht have some advice for the new cast before filming the upcoming show.
  • The actors also have two interesting ideas for spin-offs and they had fun contemplating on their pitches.
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Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht starrer Suits has been one of the best television dramas that ever existed expanding it to the 9th seasons. In 2019, Aaron Korsh; and Daniel Arkin created a spin-off following Gina Torres’ character Pearson.

Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in Suits
Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in Suits

Now, another Suits spin-off is on the card to expand the universe. The original series has seen immense success and popularity on USA Network and the show created rooms for potential spin-offs. As the show ended after the 9th season, a new Los Angeles-based show is hitting the network soon.

Suits Actors’ Advice For The Upcoming Spin-Off 

Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in Suits
Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in Suits

The new show in the Suits universe titled, Suits: L.A. has got astounding buzz among fans. The new show is yet to unveil the cast and it is unclear if any original cast is returning. However, the original Suits stars Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht have some advice for the new cast. Appearing in The Hollywood Reporter On Set of Super Bowl Ad, the actors gave some precious pointers for the new cast. “Wear comfortable shoes,” Adams said. 


“Wear comfortable shoes. If they can get their hands on a dig digital device where they can take the um dialogue and download it to a little chip and stick it in their head it might be a lot easier for them to say the words every day,” Macht added.

The reference to Elon Musk’s Neuralink product Telepathy designed to serve brain enhancement was clever. But it was an indication of what the actor had to go through to memorize the dialogues with the fancy legal terms. “I had no problem with that,” Adams responded to the conversation. “So, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he added. Interestingly, “he’s got a photographic memory,” Macht joked. Jokes apart, it is always wise to be at the receiving end of some great advice from the veterans of the universe which might ease up the production process for the new actors.

Gabriel Macht Has A Weird Suits Spin-Off Idea, Patrick J Adams Joined With Another Pitch

Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in scene from Suits
Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht in a scene from Suits

The room for Suits spin-offs is much wider now. So, why not? But if given the chance, Macht has an idea ready to roll. Detailing the pitch on his character, the actor said, “One of the ideas was uh Harvey Spectre ends up at Burning Man.” Of course, Adams knew where it was headed, “I’m on board for this, I’ve signed up,” he told Macht. 

“You know, he learned guitar… and we’re doing law at Burning Man but then um I think Harvey becomes sort of the guitarist for the Grateful Dead,” Macht explained.

However, Adam has a different idea for a spin-off, “I always wanted a Mike [Michael Ross] spin-off in Seattle,” he said. “We’re like hacky sacking and like just doing whatever you do in Seattle,” Adam reflected on his visualization. Also, the actor talked about omitting Rachel played by Meghan in the original show. “Rachel probably isn’t there for well, we’ll get into that later.” 


Creator of Suits, Aaron Kosh is set to help the upcoming spin-off with Doug Liman serving as an executive producer. Suits: L.A. is set to begin production in Vancouver in March. Further update on the new show awaits.


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