“It really affected my speech”: Ed Helms’ Insane Idea for ‘The Hangover’ Made Him Miserable After Trying To Keep It Hidden From ‘The Office’ Co-Stars

"It really affected my speech": Ed Helms' Insane Idea for 'The Hangover' Made Him Miserable After Trying To Keep It Hidden From 'The Office' Co-Stars
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Ed Helms has starred in many comedic ventures over the course of his brilliant career. Not only has he starred in the famous sitcom The Office, but he was also part of the R-rated yet brilliant comedy franchise The Hangover. Now a billion-dollar franchise, Helms along with the cast and crew worked hard to make it one of the world’s best comedy franchises ever.

Ed Helms
Ed Helms

However, the actor took his dedication too far as his insane idea made it a nightmare for him to act in The Office. 

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Ed Helms Insane Idea For The Hangover

Ed helms in the Office
Ed helms in The Office

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The Hangover is a literal outrageously comedic ride. In the movie’s plot, Ed Helms‘ character and the rest wake up after a wild night of partying, with no recollection of what happened the previous night. Not only were their memories lost, but even Helms’ character Stu was missing a tooth.

Unlike the movie, Helms has a fake tooth which the makers had no idea about. So when the actor got to know about the scene, he hurried to his dentist to get a fake tooth implant that could be taken in and out. However, his insane idea gave him a very hard time while on The Office (via The Hollywood Reporter).


“I talked to my dentist and he said, ‘Yeah, we can take it out’… So he took the tooth out, and he had to make a special piece to then screw into the hole so that the gum tissue stays healthy. He made me a flipper with the fake tooth on it that I could take in and out because I was still shooting on The Office. I never told because they would lose their minds. So I would show up to work on The Office with this appliance in my mouth, and it really affected my speech. If you watch those episodes, I sound drunk.”

While his co-stars never found that out, he soon had to leave the popular sitcom due to scheduling conflicts.

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Would There Be A Hangover Part 4?

Hangover is a billion dollar franchise


The whole Hangover franchise grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Despite being a fan-loved comedy franchise, the chances of a fourth part look very bleak if not impossible. Even Ed Helms in an old interview had quoted (via CinemaBlend),

“I would say the chances are between 0 and 0.”

However, Zach Galifianakis had once stated that they could maybe revive the franchise if they made an animated, family-friendly version of it (via Extra TV). Nevertheless, these are all talks and nothing has ever been confirmed or taken place. For now, The Hangover 4 is a distant dream that might never come true.

The Hangover franchise can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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