“It really wasn’t this dramatic”: Nia DaCosta Downplays Leaving The Marvels Midway for Another Movie

DaCosta was also rumored to be a potential candidate to direct future Avengers films

"It really wasn't this dramatic": Nia DaCosta Downplays Leaving The Marvels Midway for Another Movie


  • Nia DaCosta, director of The Marvels, has addressed rumors about her early departure from the film.
  • She explained that the production process was extended from two years to three and a half years due to date changes, and the studio understood her commitment to another project.
  • DaCosta clarified that she was able to finish the film remotely from London.
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Nia DaCosta, the director of the much-anticipated MCU film The Marvels, has finally opened up about the rumors about her early departure from the MCU film. It was rumored that the director left the movie during its post-production phase.

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Nia DaCosta
Nia DaCosta

Recently, a report from Variety suggested that many eyebrows were raised when DaCosta helmed another film, Hedda, while still working on The Marvels. However, during an interview with Jake Hamilton, DaCosta addressed the rumors and clarified that the situation was blown out of proportion.


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Nia DaCosta Finally Speaks About Finishing The Film Remotely

According to Nia DaCosta, The Marvel’s release date was changed four times, which extended the production process from two years to three and a half years. Throughout this time, the filmmakers were aware of DaCosta’s commitment to another confirmed project with the waiting team.


Nia DaCosta said (via YouTube):

“They moved the date of the film four different times. So instead of being a two-year process, which I was deeply committed to, it became a three-and-a-half-year process… and they knew the entire time that I had an obligation, a greenlit movie with people that were waiting for me.”

Nia DaCosta in charge of directing Captain Marvel 2 starring Brie Larson 3
The Marvels

The director further explained that the studio understood that it would be difficult for her to be in LA to finish the film in person, as the schedule was delayed, and she had already moved to London for Hedda. Consequently, they came up with a plan to allow her to complete the work remotely.


DaCosta added: 

“By the time I left to go to London to start prep on my next film, everyone was so clear about what the film was, what we wanted. It really wasn’t this dramatic sort of thing people are thinking it is.”

Even before DaCosta could explain her situation, many in the industry pointed out this as a usual occurrence in the industry. Besides, it seemed peculiar that it was being highlighted by sources cited in Variety’s report. Even the interview host drew parallels to Steven Spielberg, who started working on Schindler’s List while Jurassic Park was in post-production in 1993.


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Nia DaCosta Not In The Running To Direct Avengers

In the coming days, Marvel fans will be highly anticipating the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga, including Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. Marvel has managed to overcome Thanos’ popularity, but this success brings along a challenge to find a creative leader who can handle the magnitude of these projects and fulfill the high expectations of the fans.

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The Avengers

Earlier, the Russo Brothers were believed to have directed these projects due to their familiarity with the source material. However, they decided to move away from the franchise after Endgame, forcing Kevin Feige to choose a new leader. Reports suggested that Nia DaCosta was a potential candidate to fill the post, but the studio wasn’t so excited about DaCosta’s vision, especially after rumors suggested that The Marvels would take a more anime-inspired route, deviating from what fans usually expect.

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