Captain Marvel 2 Director Nia DaCosta Reveals Sequel Was “a lot less traumatizing”

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Nia DaCosta’s Captain Marvel 2 or popularly titled The Marvels is the upcoming venture to explore the adventures of Carol Danvers. This is going to be Nia DaCosta’s debut as an MCU director. The movie is also set to feature Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel in her first big screen appearance. Joining this party of two is also Monica Rambeau played by Teyonah Parris who gained her latest powers in the WandaVision series. 

Captain Marvel Sequel The Marvels is set to release on July 28, 2023
The Marvels is set to release on July 28, 2023

Now as the movie’s set to have updates in the D23 Expo, it can be expected that many new details will be revealed. A quick reel that was presented at the event to tease the announcements to be made hinted at The Marvels being a full comic-book madness.

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Captain Marvel 2 director explains her MCU Experience

It is a very interesting fact that the directors from the first movie are not going to return for the new project. The new project has been helmed by Nia DaCosta. This implies that there’s going to be a transition in the theme and tonality of the sequel. As per her, this new Marvel movie is full-on comic book madness. But it is not the first time, she has shared her experience of working with the MCU.

Nia DaCosta
The Marvels director Nia DaCosta

Earlier also, Nia DaCosta explained how she loved to work in this new universe and how this is far better than her past ventures:

“It’s a lot less traumatizing to work on for sure…[laughs]… But this movie also deals with specific, personal, sometimes sad things. But no, it’s been nice to work in a different world for sure.”

Even though it is not clear exactly what trauma she’s referring to but many fans are expecting to be her experience during the 2021 horror reboot of Candyman


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Nia DaCosta also described that the superhero studio gave her full freedom to work on the story the way she wants:

“It’s amazing… [It’s] more [freedom] than I’ve had on anything. It’s great because we’re all just comic-book nerds who want to make a great comic-book movie.”

Now, this is a big statement by the director as the studio’s intervention in the works of the directors is something very common in the Hollywood industry. Even one of the main reasons cited for the last two disappointing MCU movies was reportedly due to the studio running their knives over it. 


What is The Marvels about?

The Marvels
The Marvels is going to feature this trio in action

The Marvels is going to mark Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson‘s next appearance after being presented in the mid-credits scene of Ms. Marvel. While on the other hand, our recently introduced superheroine Kamala Khan may get to know some new details about her magical bangle.   

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Teyonah Parris is also going to be added to her role of Monica Rambeau and she also recently turned into the superheroine Photon. So it will be worth watching if Nia DaCosta can forge the story well and gets successful in creating a great blockbuster. Further details about the story are yet to be revealed. 


The Marvels is going to be released on July 28, 2023

Source: D23 Expo(via MarvelFlix)


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