It Took Us 27 Years to Finally Realize Eiichiro Oda Hid the One Piece Inside the Logo – Groundbreaking Theory Will Leave Fans Stunned

Eiichiro Oda Subtly Hid The One Piece Treasure in the One Piece Logo.

It Took Us 27 Years to Finally Realize Eiichiro Oda Hid the One Piece Inside the Logo - Groundbreaking Theory Will Leave Fans Stunned


  • What is the One Piece? The one query that fans have been anxiously awaiting an answer to for the past 27 years.
  • The theory claims that Eiichiro Oda hinted at the treasure before it was discovered.
  • Oda concealed the treasure inside the One Piece anime and manga series' logo.
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What is the One Piece? The one question that hasn’t been answered in 27 years and fans have been still eagerly waiting for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to finally reach Laugh Tale and discover the treasure and reveal it to the world. But they still have a long way to go before they reach anywhere close to Laugh Tale.

one piece - luffy
One Piece

The anticipation of finding the reality of the treasure has driven fans to the point where they have developed countless theories about what can the One Piece treasure be. Some believe that it is the journey that the Straw Hat Pirates are going through, while some believe that it is a weapon that will destroy the Red Line.

While these theories have their flaws, there is one theory that has been shared on the internet and it will leave the fans stunned. According to the theory, Eiichiro Oda already foreshadowed the treasure. The treasure was hidden by Oda inside the logo of the One Piece anime and manga series.


Theory Unveils The Real One Piece Treasure

The theory was shared by u/RoronoaLuffyZoro on Reddit and it states that the reality of One Piece treasure is hidden in the logo of the series. The Grand Line is represented in the One Piece logo, which is surrounded by Calm belts. O, with a skull in, with crossed X signifies the reverse mountain, “NEP” is Paradise, “I” Luffy is a red line, and “ECE” is the New World.

Additionally, there are two blue lines, or two serene belts, above and below everything. The “E” is an anchor since it marks the conclusion of the adventure, where they will place their anchor. The fact that the skull at the start is biting the rope that is fastened to the anchor indicates that the Strawhats were meant to make it to the very finish. They were bound to it. 

One Piece Logo
One Piece Logo

The rope symbolizes the entire plot of One Piece, which is an adventure. And as the rope ties the entire story, the One Piece manga ties the entire world. Therefore it states that the One Piece Treasure is a comic book that tied people all over the world during the era of JoyBoy. The comic book told the mythical story of Sun God Nika who loved freedom.


The One Piece Treasure is A Comic Book

According to the theory, Nika was a mythical character from a comic book that JoyBoy had. Joyboy used this comic book as an escape from reality throughout the difficult times he had during his time as a slave. It was one bright spot during those gloomy days. It made him chuckle and gave him a feeling of independence. 

Sun God Nika in One Piece
Sun God Nika in One Piece

Beyond everything else, Joyboy’s greatest desire was freedom. His favorite comic book character, Nika, was the one he wanted to be. His goal was to liberate individuals and make them happy. It was this comic book that inspired him to revolt against the 20 kingdoms that would eventually become the World Government. 

Like the One Piece manga connects the fans of the series, this comic book served as a bridge between them all. The comic book gave him the desire to fight for freedom which eventually got manifested as a Devil Fruit and gave him the powers of Nika. This also supports the notion that Luffy’s Gear 5 abilities make him look cartoonish just like a comic book.


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