“It was a gamble that paid off”: While Marvel and DC Failed to Impress, Tom Cruise’s Gutsy Move With Top Gun: Maverick gave Hollywood Hope

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Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun: Maverick crossed the 1 Billion mark post-pandemic, being one of the very first films in 2022 to cross this benchmark. Maverick’s success once again proved the ever-sustaining stardom of the Mission Impossible superstar. The success of Top Gun: Maverick was a huge milestone as it was a movie outside the superhero bracket i.e., Marvel and DC Universes. The constant decline in theater attendance with respect to rising OTT platforms is concerning moviemakers. The younger age group of below 35 years enters the theater solely to enjoy high-level CGI movies from Marvel or DC. But the entry of Top Gun: Maverick seems to have changed the dynamics of the plot.


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Top Gun Maverick starring Tom Cruise
Top Gun Maverick starring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise – The Real Super Hero

As mentioned above, today’s movie industry sees a common trend of increasing earnings of superhero movies and decreasing income in all other genres, attracting only the younger section of society. Top Gun: Maverick persuaded the much neglected older section of society. The year’s blockbuster earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 96% from critics, and 99% from audiences. Neither Marvel nor DC were able to cross this milestone set by Top Gun: Maverick 


The second sequel of the 1986 movie wasn’t expected to outperform other movies at the time of its release and the very fact that Cruise refused to sell the movies to OTT platforms seemed like a stepping stone toward the doom of the movie. The Hollywood Hunk’s passion and determination to bring the audiences back to the theater is the sole reason for its success. 

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Tom Cruise and Jay Ellis
Tom Cruise and Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis can’t Stop Fanboying Over Tom Cruise

Cruise’s co-star Jay Ellis can’t stop fanboying over the living legend’s hard work. Ellis got candid in an interview to reveal his thoughts about Tom Cruise.


“Absolutely he helped the business. As the movie was pushed because of the pandemic, he would reach out to us and say. This movie has been to be in theaters. The viewing experience of this movie is going to make people love going to theaters and love film again. And he was right. It was a gamble considering what was going on in this world. It was a gamble that paid off in an absolutely amazing way. It helped the world feel ready to go back to theaters. And we were grateful for every single person who spent every dime to go see this movie. It’s a testament to him and his commitment to his craft, the power of film that he brought people together again.”

The Escape Room actor didn’t stop there and went ahead to mention that Tom Cruise deserves an Academy Award for his contributions to the film industry.

“Tom is unique. He has done it all. I think people sleep on Tom. But people should know that he is the last great movie star. What people forget is that his body of work is very vast. He has done every genre; there is character, plot, action, everything – and he succeeded. His ability to not only organically perform and use the camera while organically performing on camera is a masterclass. There are not a lot of folks out there, none that can do it in the way he does. He is the nicest, most genuine, and just giving open guy.”

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Tom Cruise - the living legend
Tom Cruise – The Living Legend

The 60-year-old Mission Impossible star surely gave Hollywood a ray of hope accompanied by inspiration to keep giving their best to impress the audience and to not let the theater die in the current tech world. Also, unlike other current movies which are solely created to impact the younger generation, the older generation of our society seems to catch the breath of pleasure after Cruise’s current masterpiece. The sense of nostalgic guilty pleasure needs to be maintained by upcoming movies before its taste vanishes once again.

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