“It was a nightmare for everyone”: Lindsay Lohan Regrets Her Stubbornness Over Her Nail Polish That Troubled the Crew of The Parent Trap

"It was a nightmare for everyone": Lindsay Lohan Regrets Her Stubbornness Over Her Nail Polish That Troubled the Crew of The Parent Trap
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Lindsay Lohan had her feature film debut with the 1998 comedy film The Parent Trap. Starring alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson, Lohan portrayed the role of identical twins Hallie and Annie, who were separated after their parents’ divorce. The movie follows them switching places after they meet at a summer camp to reunite with their parents.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Lohan received positive reviews for her performance in the film, which was a box-office hit. However, the actress later opened up about one thing she regrets that not only turned out to be troubling for her but also for the crew.

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Lindsay Lohan Regrets Being Stubborn on the Set

Lindsay Lohan was 11 years old when she started in the 1998 film The Parent Trap. Over the years, the actress starred in several movies like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls and has also been known for being a style icon of the 2000s.

Lindsay Lohan at the 2003 teen choice awards
Lindsay Lohan at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards

She has shared that she loved fashion from a very young age, and while looking back at her looks, she recalled how her one demand caused issues while playing identical twins in the 1998 film. During a 2022 interview with Vogue, the actress shared she wanted to wear nail polish as Hallie, one of the twin characters in the movie.

The color of the nail polish had to be specifically blue Hard Candy, which, according to the actress, was a “big deal” at the time. While her demand was fulfilled, and she did wear the blue Hard Candy nail polish, it did not turn out to be a great idea as she had to portray both identical twins.

Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker
Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker

The Falling For Christmas star shared that she regretted being stubborn about having the nail polish on as Hallie cause it had to be consistently chipped whenever she switched characters. “I regretted that later because, when I had to switch over between both characters, it was a nightmare for everyone,” she told Vogue.

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Lindsay Lohan Recalled Playing Twins in The Parent Trap

During a reunion joined by the filmmaker Nancy Meyers and the cast of the film on its 20th anniversary, Lindsay Lohan talked about portraying identical twins in the 1998 movie. She recalled testing how much time it would take to get her nail polish on and off to switch characters.

The Parent Trap
The Parent Trap (1998)

I remember testing when we had to do the nail polish to see how long the blue hard candy nail polish would take to put on and take off,” she shared during the reunion. The actress also stated that she felt a lot different after putting on the wig to portray the character of Annie James.

“The Parent Trap, it’s beautiful, it’s timeless and it’s special,” she further stated. Filmmaker Nancy Meyers also shared how they pulled off having Lohan as twins on the screen, with the help of her body double Erin Mackey, who was constantly on the set.

The Parent Trap cast
The Parent Trap cast

She also stated that if looked closely, the audience can spot that it wasn’t actually Lohan in the scenes in which twins appear together. However, she called it a “fun experience and experiment” and shared that she is glad it worked out, and the movie still looks pretty good.


The Parent Trap is available on Disney+.

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