“It was difficult”: Paramount Would be Canceled Today if Fans Found Out the Reason Why They Wanted Anthony Perkins Out of ‘Psycho’

In Hollywood's past, societal norms and career pressures forced stars like Anthony Perkins to hide their true selves, leading to tragic love stories shrouded in secrecy.

"It was difficult": Paramount Would be Canceled Today if Fans Found Out the Reason Why They Wanted Anthony Perkins Out of 'Psycho'


  • Hollywood's golden era saw stars like Anthony Perkins navigate the oppressive norms of the 1950s, concealing their true selves and love lives from public scrutiny.
  • Perkins lived a secret life with actor Tab Hunter, facing studio interference and ultimately separation.
  • Perkins' death left Hunter with unfulfilled goodbyes, highlighting the challenges of hidden love in Hollywood.
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Hollywood has always been a land of glitz, glamour, and larger-than-life personalities. But behind the dazzling smiles and carefully crafted images, many stars have harbored secrets, especially when it came to their love lives.

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

In a bygone era where societal norms and career pressures dictated who could love and be loved openly, some chose to live their most intimate relationships in the shadows. The world witnessed a myriad of clandestine love stories, where actors, musicians, and other luminaries grappled with the challenge of keeping their romantic lives away from the limelight.

The Tragic Tale of Anthony Perkins: A Love Forbidden 

One poignant example of the struggles celebrities faced is the tragic story of Anthony Perkins, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Norman Bates in Psycho. Perkins, married to actor Berry Berenson, led a life marked by the weight of a secret he could never share openly. 

Anthony Perkins in Psycho II (1983)
Anthony Perkins in Psycho II (1983)

The pervasive homophobia of the time stifled any attempt to go public with his true self. The 1950s, as one of his former partners explained, were an era where public figure dared not disclose their authentic identity, particularly regarding their s*xuality. It was only after Perkins succumbed to AIDS at the age of 60 that the truth emerged – he was gay. 

This was the fifties, a public person could not go public, even if he wanted to,” (Via Nickiswift.com) confided a former partner, revealing the harsh reality that forced Perkins to silence his true self. Yet, love found him amidst the shadows, in the form of fellow actor Tab Hunter. 

Paramount Pressurized Anthony Perkins Over His Homos*xuality 

Fellow actor Tab Hunter, who revealed his own relationship with Perkins posthumously, highlighted the challenges they faced even in their private moments. Paramount’s interference, societal expectations, and the pressures of fame created obstacles that forced the couple apart, leaving Hunter with regrets and unfulfilled farewells.

Tab Hunter in What Lola Wants (1958)
Tab Hunter in What Lola Wants (1958)

Paramount President Barney Balaban did not like Perkins due to his homos*xuality. They constantly had arguments, mostly revolving around his s*xuality and his ongoing relationship with fellow actor Tab Hunter. 

Defiant at first, Hunter held onto his love, but ultimately, the pressures and complexities of their situation drove them apart. When Perkins took on a role originally pitched by Hunter, a sense of betrayal fueled their separation. Years later, reflecting on his lost love, Hunter shared in an interview with Attitude,

When he died [in 1992 of AIDS-related complications], it was very sudden. I heard that he was ill, I called and was told he’d just passed away. I never got the chance to see him again.” 

Whether driven by societal pressures or personal discretion, celebrities like Anthony Perkins and Tab Hunter grappled with the complexities of love in the public eye. 

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