“It was real satisfying”: Fans Celebrate One Major Death in Stranger Things Season 4 Finale

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Do not read if you have not watched episodes 8 and 9 of Stranger Things 4


Stranger Things Season 4 has come to an end. And it was a glorious panorama of emotions. Was the anticipation of the back-breaking 140-minute finale worth it? Were the tears and grief and the hollow gaping cavity left in our lives at the end of this chapter worth investing in? Imagine, if you will, in Thanos’ voice — “It was. And it was beautiful.”

Stranger Things S4 Cast
Stranger Things Season 4 Cast

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The epitome of a cinematic masterpiece — Stranger Things Season 4 has delivered a brush stroke of a grand finale and perhaps forever changed the course of how people perceive series endings to take place. It is the beginning of a saga and the end of one. The Duffer Brothers have managed to bring a delectable palette of every emotion harnessable to mankind and slowly, carefully, built up to the climax only to suddenly crash everything in an overwhelming overload of loss and reunion.

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The Celebration of the Life (and Death) of Hawkins, Indiana

The world split itself in two. To get straight to the point, it began by ripping the Hawkins High basketball star, Jason Carver, in half and did not stop until it caved the city we all grew to love into quadrants. The snide smugness of the creators lies in the fact that the camera did not for a second focus and rest on the first loss of life as Vecna breaks out of the Upside Down and rises to the surface.

Stranger Things S4
The crew plans to take down Vecna

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Described by the villains’ fandom as a delusional extremist, Jason Carver (portrayed by Mason Dye) symbolizes perfectly how humans can be even more sadistic, extreme, and violently inclined than supernatural antagonists. The bloodletting that he demands as a result of the inexplicable loss of Chrissy Cunningham is unstoppable and it brings to mind the famous one-liner by the veteran of the Supernatural world, Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester when he says: “Monsters I get — People are crazy.”

Jason Carver and his posse
Jason Carver and his posse

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The Fate of Jason Carver in Stranger Things Season 4

Fans have been celebrating the death of Carver amid the emotional turmoil of losing the fan-favorite, Eddie Munson. The latter’s bloody and gruesome death was among the series’ most traumatic, especially so because Joseph Quinn’s character quickly climbed up points in favoritism for his unique, neurotic, free-spirited, and martyr-like storyline set up in the season’s Vol 1.


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Fans have been recuperating ever since the finale delivered a crushing blow to the fandom, and in the meantime, the series has set up a perfect cliffhanger for the plot and story of Season 5 of Stranger Things. As Nancy’s vision, disseminated via Vecna finally takes form and Will gets a few answers of his own as to the identity of his tormentor, all of it ties up perfectly in a saga of 001 and 011 and “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” which started it all.

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