“It was scary”: Amber Heard’s Friend Elizabeth Marz Afraid of Depp’s ‘Combative Energy’

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Hollywood is currently witnessing one of the most high-profile cases with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp duelling it out in court. With witnesses coming forward and testifying against both sides, the case has become more than just a libel defamation trial. No matter who wins, at this point the cost of reputation in the court of public opinion is at stake. In the final few days of the trial, the court received gruelling testimonies from witnesses close to the defendant. Most recent witnesses included Elizabeth Marz testimony who is one of Heard’s friends.


Who is Elizabeth Marz?

Little is known about Elizabeth Marz who testified against Johnny Depp on Heard’s behalf. The latter knew Marz through Raquel Rose Pennington (a jewellery designer, not the UFC/MMA fighter!) who was Heard’s close friend in the past.

Elizabeth Marz Testifies Against Johnny Depp
Elizabeth Marz Testifies Against Johnny Depp

The Elizabeth Marz Testimony

On several occasions, Amber Heard’s friend Elizabeth Marz reportedly stayed over in the penthouse apartment belonging to the actress. During one such stay, Marz claimed in her testimony, Depp had burst in through the door, with a wine bottle in hand, and said, “Get your bitch out of here”.


The encounter was in Marz’s words “more combative than sloppy” and that personally she was afraid of him. Marz added, “It was completely the way he entered into the room — rushed in, his energy — it was scary.” She was visibly upset while recalling the incident and said, “My heart was beating really quickly, and I freaked out.”

However, Marz later clarified that she had never seen Depp abusing Heard first-hand.

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Raquel Pennington gets emotional during her testimony

Amber Heard Supporting Testimonies

Amber Heard’s make-up artist, Melanie Inglessis and her acting coach, Kristy Sexton testified after the Elizabeth Marz testimony. Inglessis claimed that Amber Heard confided in her multiple times and discussed about an impending divorce. She also said in her deposition that she had to hide bruise marks on Heard’s face before the latter went on air during a talk show in 2015. Inglessis left the job in January of 2021 and wished Heard the best.

“We hid the bruises”, says makeup artist Melanie Inglessis

A police statement shown in court referred to a call made in response to a violent incident report. The female officer claimed the bruising on Heard’s face was more due to her incessant sobbing rather than abuse.

Kristy Sexton on her part revealed most of their sessions would start with Heard breaking down. She revealed a much less discussed side of her actress friend that portrays her as the victim of abuse.


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