‘We hid the bruises’ Makeup Artist Melanie Inglessis Claims She Helped Amber Heard Hide Injuries

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s courtroom trial is known to take drastic and dramatic turns now and then. Depp has sued Amber for defamation claiming she ruined his career and reputation. Heard had claimed back in 2018, that she is a victim of domestic violence. Depp has denied any such accusations.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during courtroom trial
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during courtroom trial

‘We hid the bruises’ – Amber Heard’s makeup artist claims she helped Amber in hiding her bruises

One of the latest updates on this trial came out when Amber Heard’s makeup artist Melanie Inglessis testified in court about hiding Heard’s bruises in December 2015. Heard claims these bruises were from a fight with her ex-husband Depp. Melanie while talking about the day she saw the bruises says ‘She looked like somebody headbutted her,’ Further she adds,

“We covered the discolouration, the bruises, with a slightly heavier concealer,” Inglessis said. “One that has a little more peach undertone, which I normally don’t use on Amber, but peach cancels blue. So I did that under the eyes.”

Melanie, Amber Heard's makeup artist during court room trial
Melanie, Amber Heard’s makeup artist during courtroom trial

Melanie also criticised the photos shown in court of Heard’s bruises saying, they did not justify how hurt she was.

Melanie also claims Amber called her home after a fight with Depp but she did not see any bruises then, until the next day when Amber had to appear in the ”The Late Late Show” by James Corden.


“Although Amber always has a red lip — it was one of her signature looks — I remember clearly thinking that we have no other option that night,” Inglessis testified. “Because of the red blood, we used red to make sure we could cover up the bleeding on the lip.”

Amber heard's face injuries, photo presented during Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial
Amber heard’s face injuries, photo presented during Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial

Melanie also stated Heard was going through a lot of emotions while she was filling the divorce. She also stated Heard gave her own phone to her so that Depp does not contact her and try to talk her out of filing the divorce. She stated –

‘We were all there to kind of help, and go through it’

Also in a cross-question with Depp’s attorney, Melanie said she has never been a witness to Depp’s physical abuse of Heard. She also said Depp seemed like a ‘friendly man’.

Originally, the verdict was set to come out at the end of the week, but won’t be out until the end of this month because more evidence is to be presented.




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