“It was terrible”: Matt Damon Had Nightmares After Doing The Scariest Underwater Stunts Of His Acting Career In Bourne Movie

Despite his fears, Damon performed the scene perfectly.

matt damon had nightmares after doing the scariest underwater stunts of his acting career in bourne movie


  • Matt Damon, a renowned actor known for his versatile performances, has tried his hand at various genres and stunts throughout his career.
  • However, his scariest stunt ever was an underwater scene in the Bourne Series.
  • The actor had nightmares after training for the scene, which involved being underwater without an oxygen mask and performing tasks blindfolded.
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Whether it is drama or science fiction, action roles or comedy, trust Matt Damon to always do a perfect job, always serving audiences with his acting genius. Having starred in multiple acclaimed and successful movies, the actor has proven his mantle through his countless versatile performances.

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matt damon (via wikimedia commons)
Matt Damon (via Wikimedia Commons)

After having played roles across various genres, the actor has tried his hands at different kinds of stunts. But for Damon, his scariest-ever stunt was an underwater one in his fan-favorite franchise, The Bourne Series. The stunt was so scary that the actor had nightmares for days after training for it.


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Matt Damon Reveals Most Frightening Stunt Ever

the scene that scared damon the most
The scene that scared Damon the most

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Throughout his impressive career, Matt Damon has proven his talents through all the unique and different kinds of roles he has taken. Among his numerous roles, fans have loved his role as the former CIA agent, Jason Bourne, in the Bourne Legacy.

While the actor earned critical praise for his intense and nuanced portrayal of the complex assassin, the movie had him perform some of the most thrilling stunt sequences of his career. In the second movie, The Bourne Supremacy, the actor had to perform an underwater stunt. He describes it as the scariest thing he has ever done (via IMDB).


“One of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do was the underwater scene in the second Bourne movie, where the car goes into the river and I’ve lost the love of my life. I didn’t want to do that at all. So I wouldn’t be constantly aware of how scared I am of drowning, I had to go to a pool with this great stunt guy and dive master a couple of times a week for a month or so to train me to relax underwater without an oxygen mask and with a blindfold and, later, to do simple tasks underwater like tying a shoe.”

However, the training for that one scene was enough to scare him, leading him to have multiple nightmares.

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Matt Damon Suffered From Nightmares After His Terrifying Underwater Scene

Matt Damon
Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Every actor, no matter how skilled they may be, has their own fears that they have to overcome for the sake of their roles. For Matt Damon, he had to overcome his worst fear while preparing for an underwater shoot for The Bourne Supremacy. The preparation itself was so dreadful for him, that Damon ended up having nightmares about it (via IMDB).

“After we shot for one day, that night I woke up probably four times gasping for breath, thinking I was drowning. It was terrible.”

But being the absolute professional he is, the actor did in fact perform the scene with perfection.


The Bourne Series can be rented on YouTube.


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