“It wasn’t shown in the best light”: Brendan Fraser is Sad With WB Studio Canceling Batgirl, Claims the Movie Was “Really Good”

"It wasn't shown in the best light": Brendan Fraser is Sad With WB Studio Canceling Batgirl, Claims the Movie Was "Really Good"
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Following his exceptional performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, Brendan Fraser has become a hot topic in the industry and marked his return to the top. And with the actor regaining the spotlight after over a decade, Fraser opened up about the axing of the movie, Batgirl.


Brendan Fraser was set to appear as Firefly in the live-action adaptation of Batgirl, which was eventually scrapped after the change in DC’s leadership. But recently, The Whale actor shed some light on the canceled Batgirl film and claimed that the movie was great.

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Brendan Fraser in The Whale
Brendan Fraser in The Whale

Brendan Fraser claims that the Batgirl movie was awesome

Brendan Fraser opened up about the axing of Batgirl, which was deemed irredeemable by the studio. But in an interview with Howard Stern, Fraser denied the movie being bad and claimed that it was a great movie and he had a lot of fun filming it.

The actor went on to praise the directors and shared that he felt amazing about the whole process of filming, and believed that the end product was going to be great. Although he clarified that he didn’t watch the test screening, his co-workers assured him that the whole team did a great job. Fraser went on to state,

“I have not. I have friends and coworkers and associates who’ve seen it. They all say really good things about it.”

The Mummy actor also described that Batgirl’s interpretation of the iconic city of Gotham was wonderful and easily one of the best. He explained that the movie was able to capture the essence of the decaying city gorgeously and is disappointed that it is now locked in a vault.


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Brendan Fraser praises Batgirl
Brendan Fraser praises Batgirl

Brendan Fraser believes that Batgirl never got a fair shot

After the Warner Discovery merger, many projects that were in line with the previous regime were scrapped so that James Gunn and Peter Safran could make a fresh and cohesive universe for the characters. But one of the biggest surprises was the cancellation of Batgirl, which was reportedly near its completion. And Fraser didn’t shy away to share his distaste for the studio’s decision.

Brendan Fraser expressed that the movie never got its fair chance to shine. He also opened up about its test screening and revealed that the movie wasn’t ready during its first screening and it was the first director’s cut that was put together for the viewing. He believes that the movie wasn’t presented in the best light and it never got a chance to reach its full potential. Fraser then stated,


“The sad thing is that I don’t know if it was judged on merit. It wasn’t shown in the best light that it could have been. Yeah, it’s open season to criticize or praise it or whatever you want. But this didn’t even really get a fair shake.”

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Brendan Fraser as Firefly from the cancelled Batgirl movie
Brendan Fraser as Firefly from the canceled Batgirl movie

With the recent success and Oscar buzz surrounding the actor, fans hope that the studio may release Batgirl after Fraser wins the Oscar race. But considering the new leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, it may be a long time before Batgirl can see the end of the tunnel.

Source: The Howard Stern Show


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