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“This isn’t the way it’s supposed to turn out”: Brendan Fraser Blamed Himself For His Son’s Autism, Admits He Had a Rough Tough Time Accepting the Truth

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Brendan Fraser has marked his grand comeback in the industry through his exceptional performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. Fans have been overjoyed to witness the actor’s rise to the top after being sidelined from the spotlight for over a decade.

Following his success, The Whale actor has shared his gratitude to all the fans and hasn’t shied away from sharing awareness on various important topics. The actor also shed light on the reason behind making an extra effort to make his fans’, who are diagnosed with autism, a little better.

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Brendan Fraser in The Whale
Brendan Fraser in The Whale

Brendan Fraser shares his reason for making an extra effort to reach out to people with autism

As a father of an autistic child himself, Brendan Fraser shared his reasons for putting extra effort to reach out to people with autism in the audience. In the interview with Howard Stern, Fraser explained that raising a child diagnosed with autism has made him realize that they need some extra love and care, which can drastically improve their lives. So he never shies away whenever there is an opportunity to take a moment and share time with fans who are autistic. He stated,

“You know that there’s somebody who needs a little more love, a little more time because they’re autistic or they have Asperger’s, and this is their world. My oldest son is autistic, and I know how meaningful it is to their families and them. It means a lot to feel like you can gratify someone just by showing up, it means a lot.”

Brendan Fraser also went on to detail some struggles that the parents face against some nonsensical and colorful people with their agenda while advocating for their child. Fraser also recalled the time when he was crestfallen after his son was first diagnosed with autism.

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Brendan Fraser with his three kids
Brendan Fraser with his three kids

Brendan Fraser used to blame himself for his Son’s autism

The actor revealed that he wasn’t able to wrap around his head after his son was diagnosed with autism and started to blame himself for his condition. And even though it was difficult for him to accept the truth, Fraser quickly learned that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Whale actor also denied the speculations of Griffin’s diagnosis contributing to his and his ex-wife’s divorce and stated that their kids had nothing to do with their marital issues. He explained that his problems with his ex-wife don’t matter and that they will always look out for the benefit of their children.

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Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

Fans, who have been overwhelmed by Fraser’s success, have applauded the actor for bringing the topic into the limelight. And with the Oscar buzz surrounding the actor for his immaculate performance in The Whale, fans are rooting for The Mummy’s actor to win the 2023’s Oscars race.

Source: The Howard Stern show


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