“It would have spoiled it””: Like Matt Damon, Edward Norton Chose to Remain Uncredited for His Role in a Movie He Has Never Watched”

Like Matt Damon, Edward Norton Chose to Remain Uncredited for His Role in a Movie He Has Never Watched”
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Edward Norton played a significant yet undisclosed character in Ridley Scott’s historical epic, Kingdom of Heaven, but he remained uncredited, much like Matt Damon in Interstellar. Interestingly, Norton has never actually watched the film in which he starred.


In a candid interview, Edward Norton explains why he opted for anonymity, reveals the secrets behind his involvement, and shares his surprising thoughts on the film that could have been a lost masterpiece.

Edward Norton Talks About Some Missed Opportunities

Edward Norton
Edward Norton

Edward Norton’s acting prowess is no secret, and his body of work boasts an array of roles that have etched themselves into the annals of cinematic history. From American History X to Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk, Norton’s name has become synonymous with intense and immersive performances.


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Yet, a hidden gem in his illustrious career is an uncredited role in the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven. A role so intriguing that it compelled Edward Norton to step into the shadows. In an interview with The Guardian, a fan quizzed Norton about his involvement in the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven. Norton’s initial response was as surprising as it was candid.

“I’ve never seen that, how is it? I can only imagine that it’s better than what they ended up putting out. I felt bad for Ridley [Scott] and Bill Monahan in particular. It was a really wonderful script, and it should have been a three-hour film. It was one of those classic Hollywood dynamics where someone else’s film comes out at three hours long and fails, so that means that yours can’t be three hours long either. It was all the worst kind of corporate decision-making.”

In the film industry, studio interference frequently hinders artistic ambition. Kingdom of Heaven was a victim of this, with its runtime being cut short.


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Edward Norton’s Chance Encounter with Epic Cinema

Edward Norton
Edward Norton

Edward Norton’s journey to the Kingdom of Heaven was unexpected and fascinating. It was sparked by his admiration for Ridley Scott’s directing skills. However, fate intervened when Scott approached him with a role in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Unfortunately, as revealed in the interview, Norton’s prior commitments prevented him from fully committing to the project. But upon reading the script, he was captivated by the enigmatic character hidden behind a mask. What followed was a pivotal decision that would leave an indelible mark on the film’s legacy.


“And he said he was just going to get a guy who could do a voice like James Mason’s. And I said I could do a pretty good James Mason.”

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Edward Norton
Edward Norton

Scott’s assurance that the role would only require two weeks of filming fueled Edward Norton’s curiosity. The actor shares in the interview that he wanted to witness firsthand the making of a grand-scale production like Kingdom of Heaven.

“And when he said it would only take two weeks, I just had this thing in my head: I just wanted to see someone make a movie on that scale. I suppose I could have just gone and visited. But I was just curious about whether the process was extremely different when there’s that much going on, and he’s a guy who clearly knows how to make films at that scale and is comfortable with it, and I just wanted to see how he worked. And I got to do that, and it was well worth it. And I remained uncredited because it would have spoiled it, I think.”

Although Norton wasn’t credited, his involvement in the film gave him a distinctive viewpoint on the intricacies of Hollywood blockbusters. Instead of being a mere observer on the set, Norton opted for an immersive approach that enabled him to gain valuable insights into the workings of grand cinema.


Source: The Guardian

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