“It would have to be that”: Emily Blunt Reveals Her Non-Negotiable Demand for ‘A Quiet Place 3’ After Starring With Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer 

Emily Blunt Reveals Her Non-Negotiable Demand for ‘A Quiet Place 3’ After Starring With Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer 
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Emily Blunt is an exceptionally talented actress, having made a name for herself in the industry as a skilled and versatile actress. After getting recognition in Hollywood through her work in the comedy-drama movie, The Devil Wears Prada, Blunt quickly switched the type of characters she played, from starring in Mary Poppins Returns as the titular character, to, most recently, being part of Oppenheimer, showing her range as an actress.

Emily Blunt in a still from A Quite Place II
Emily Blunt in a still from A Quiet Place II

Blunt is also part of the science fiction franchise, A Quiet Place, where she plays the character of Evelyn Abbott. Directed by her husband, John Krasinski, the franchise has two parts, titled A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II. Due to the popularity of the movie series, many fans have been wondering when A Quiet Place III will be coming out and what it will look like, and during a recent interview, Blunt answered this exact question.

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Emily Blunt Has One Condition For A Quiet Place III

While doing press for her recent, massively successful film, Oppenheimer, Emily Blunt was asked if A Quiet Place III will ever come out and if so, what she wants to see in the film. Blunt earlier talked about how much having a good director in a project mattered to her. She elaborated, stating that the relationship between the director and actor has the tendency of showcasing the performance of the film as well. She explained that this was the reason why she always preferred having a director who she can understand and get along with when picking the projects she does.

Cillian Murphy in A Quiet Place Part II
Cillian Murphy in A Quiet Place Part II

“Well, Cillian and I were having a chat with John about it last night. We were sitting on a rooftop, all together, drinking wine.” she went on, “It would have to be that we all do it together, you know? I don’t want it to be with a different director if we did it again, you know?”

She then went on to talk about the third movie in the A Quiet Place franchise, stating that she, John Krasinski, and Cillian Murphy, who she has worked with in both A Quiet Place and Oppenheimer, talked on this exact subject and came to quite the conclusion. Blunt stated that she had one condition if she were to be part of this film, that being that she wanted to do the movie with all three of them being part of it. She went on to state that she did not want to do the movie if there was a different director involved as she was much more comfortable working with her husband on a project like this.

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Emily Blunt Was Told That Her And John Krasinski Would Divorce After A Quiet Place

On the subject of working with her husband, Emily Blunt also talked about what it was like for her to make the A Quiet Place franchise with her husband, John Krasinski. The actress revealed that she was initially warned by many that if the couple worked on a movie together, their marriage would not be able to survive it. While this is quite an odd thing to say to someone, Blunt and Krasinski proved them wrong, having worked together on a sequel for the film soon after.

“I think everyone thought that we would be divorced by the end of it and then they were like ‘You’re making another one? Can your marriage take it?” she then went on to talk about how these movies were very taxing for the couple, “Those movies were like a wild horse in our house, you know? They were like another family member. It takes so much and you don’t have the opportunity to go ‘How was your day?’ cause you saw it and you lived it.”

Blunt did, however, talk about how odd it was for her initially, working with her husband, stating that the two would come home together and ask about how their day was, only to remember that they were working together the whole day and already knew the answer. She did say, however, that the two had complete faith in each other’s capabilities, adding that she was extremely supportive of Krasinski, considering that this was his directorial debut.


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