Itachi Uchiha: Mysterious Facts About The TRUE God Of Shinobi The Anime Didn’t Tell You

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Itachi Uchiha is one of the most well-revered characters in the history of anime. A literal God amongst men, the master of illusions was done dirty in the show. There are several facts about him the anime just wouldn’t let you know. If you are an Itachi Uchiha fan, you should check this list out.


Technically Itachi & Jiraiya Have The Same Power Level

Lord Jiraiya

When Itachi and Kisame first encountered Jiraiya, they were quick to make an escape rather than fight the toad Sage. But in the Naruto databook, there’s an entirely different tale. Itachi and Jiraiya have the same power stats. This means Itachi could take on Jiraiya if he wanted to. Although some fans claim Jiraiya wantonly makes his stats look weaker to fool his enemies into underestimating him.

He Had A Romantic Interest

Izumi & Itachi

The generally stoic and melancholic ninja does not like giving himself into primal human emotions. In fact, he takes extra effort to steel himself against such notions. But Itachi did fall in love once. Her name was Izumi Uchiha and both Itachi and Izumi liked each other. When Itachi killed Izumi during the Uchiha Clan Massacre, he used his Tsukoyomi to show Izumi what the perfect life for the two would have been had they stayed together.


Masashi Kishimoto’s Favorite Akatsuki Member

Kishimoto – Creator Of Naruto

Each member of the Akatsuki group quickly became fan favorites for their distinct personalities and fighting styles. Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto’s creator, went to extreme lengths to carve up each character. But he was the proudest of Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was, according to him, his greatest creation within the Akatsuki. We couldn’t agree more.

Used The Full Power of The Sharingan To Make A Perfect Breakfast For Sasuke

Sunny Side Battle!

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, a short OVA was released. The OVA showd Itachi trying to cook some eggs. The bizarre feature was called Sunny Side Battle! Itachi even goes as far as using the Mangekyo Sharingan to ensure no pieces of the egg shell cling to the yolk while he is making the breakfast. He refuses to let Sasuke eat until he gets it right.

His Former Partner Before Kisame

Juzo Biwa

The Akatsuki has had many members join its ranks. Some of them were not even shown as much in the anime. Kisame, believe it or not, was actually a fresh recruit. Itachi Uchiha was originally paired with a rogue Hidden Mist ninja called Juzo Biwa. He was one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and carried the iconic Kubikiribocho blade that later came into Zabuza’s possession. Juzo Biwa was killed by the Fourth Mizukage.


Itachi’s Susanoo Is Super Unique

Itachi’s Susanoo

Every Susanoo we have seen in Naruto so far is distinct and has a unique set of abilities. Sasuke’s Susanoo can shoot arrows while Kakashi‘s Susanoo could bend space. Itachi’s Susanoo also has its very own abilities. But these unique traits are unlike any other Susanoo’s, not even Madara Uchiha’s. Itachi’s Susanoo comes equipped with the Yata Mirror, a shield that can deflect back any ninjutsu. The Totsuka Blade on its other hand can seal any person it slashes in an infinite dream.


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