Itachi Uchiha’s Death May Have been the Beginning of Sasuke’s Downfall in Naruto

Itachi's Death was The Biggest Downfall for Sasuke's Character Development.

Itachi Uchiha’s Death May Have been the Beginning of Sasuke’s Downfall in Naruto


  • Sasuke Uchiha's revenge against his brother is one of the best storylines of Naruto.
  • After Sasuke defeats Itachi, his character witnesses a downfall in the story.
  • His character development becomes inconsistent and he is just used to keep the plot going.
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Sasuke Uchiha’s revenge on his brother for killing his clan was one of the biggest storylines in the entire Naruto anime. His rage and ambition to become strong enough to face his brother and then kill him was his entire persona from the beginning. Up until the point of their final interaction, Sasuke goes through a brilliant character development that is loved by fans. His concept of leaving the right and wrong out, and only focusing on getting stronger was appreciated by a lot of fans.

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

As soon as he can achieve his vendetta his character witnesses a downfall, as fans find him to be confused about his future path. During the majority of the series, his motivation was to kill Itachi, and once that was accomplished, it appears that his involvement in the story was largely to aid the plot or to keep him busy.

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Itachi’s Death Changed Sasuke in a Big Way

Itachi Uchiha’s Naruto story is one of unimaginable anguish, as the skilled former shinobi continually sacrificed his motives for the greater good. Itachi was compelled to slaughter his entire kin at the height of the conflict. He was able to spare his brother Sasuke, who was unaware of his true intentions. This led to Sasuke building up hate against his brother and deciding to not only confront him but kill him. When he finally gets into a battle with Itachi after the time skip, fans come to know that Itachi has been suffering from a severe illness that may kill him too.

Itachi Uchiha In Naruto shippuden
Itachi Uchiha In Naruto shippuden

Sasuke however, in the end, manages to fight toe to toe with Itachi but Itachi has different intentions. He wanted to free his brother from the cursed seal and in doing so he used up all of his chakra and eventually died. However, after being saved by Obito, Sasuke learns about the real truth and that’s where his character gets confused about the situation and thus begins his downfall.

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Sasuke’s Downfall Began in The Last Part of Naruto

Obito Uchiha confesses to Sasuke that Itachi was a good guy and that his killing of the Uchiha clan was ordered by the Leaf Village to avert an internal conflict. This changed Sasuke’s perspective on the issue, and he chose to destroy the Village, which made sense in some ways. However, he was unable to maintain enough consistency in his judgment, as noticed by supporters.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Sasuke vs Naruto

When he learns the truth about his brother, his demeanor and decision-making become quite contradictory, and it appears that Kishimoto is unsure whether Sasuke will be an anti-hero or a straight-up villain in the future and it takes a lot of time in the story for Sasuke to reveal his intentions and finally get into a battle with Naruto.

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