“It’s a different beast”: Before Emilia Clarke Dissed Game of Thrones, Her Co-Star Kit Harington Had His Own Words to Say About Iconic HBO Series

"It's a different beast": Before Emilia Clarke Dissed Game of Thrones, Her Co-Star Kit Harington Had His Own Words to Say About Iconic HBO Series
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If Jon Snow from Game of Thrones gained cult status with audiences worldwide, the credit goes to Kit Harington who made the character memorable. His brooding good looks and personality worked perfectly for the role as viewers lapped up season after season just to see the star and his narrative in the show develop.

Kit Harington
Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington

Harington’s work in Game of Thrones also earned him a place in the MCU. The actor appeared in Eternals as Dane Whitman who according to the folklore of Marvel, will go on to become the Black Knight as indicated in the final moments of the film. With his plotline and future in the franchise yet to be etched out, the British actor had a lot of nice things to say about Marvel while also comparing his experience in Eternals to Game of Thrones.

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Kit Harington’s Experiences On Being Part Of Two Big Franchises

Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington has been riding high after his very successful stint with the iconic HBO series that created a stir worldwide. The handsome star’s presence in the show earned him his next big opportunity in Marvel with Chloé Zhao Eternals in which he played the character of Dane Whitman who will become the Black Knight based on the end credits scene. While Harington was an integral part of Game Of Thrones, the star was keen to see his interesting journey in the MCU develop. When asked about his experiences working on Eternals as compared to Game Of Thrones, Harington pointed out the key differences and said,

“It is a different beast, in more subtle ways than you’d imagine. What I like about the differences, for me, about these two things is I get to have lightness of touch in this, which I think is really important. It’s what I really loved about the Marvel movies — those little moments of kind of lightness, comedy, in amongst everything.”

Kit Harington
Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones

Harington went on to add that he was fortunate to have roles fall into his lap organically and was grateful that Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and Dane Whitman from Eternals came to him at the time they did.

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Kit Harington Wasn’t Aware Of Black Knight’s History In Marvel

Kit Harington’s character Dane Whitman in Eternals will ultimately go on to become the Black Knight in the MCU. The character’s family lineage stretches back to the medieval legend of King Arthur where the Black Knight is a warrior connected to the cursed Ebony Blade that bestows whoever wields it with terrific power but at the cost of their sanity. In the comics, Black Knight fights alongside the Avengers and struggles between villainy and heroism. Kit Harington though, wasn’t aware of the character’s intriguing history.

“No. If I’m totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the character. I had to sort of read up on him and try not to fall down too many black holes on the internet and just see what the basics were. But the the essence of the character and his powers seem to me very interesting”.

Kit Harington
Kit Harington and Gemma Chan in Eternals

The Game of Thrones star confessed that he still had no clue about how his character was going to develop in the future of the MCU but expressed his excitement on seeing how Kevin Feige and Marvel will tackle the various nuances and shades of Black Knight.

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