‘It’s a great moment of synastry’: Ms. Marvel Writer Teases a Potential Kamala Khan Team-Up With Wolverine in Season 2

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Ms. Marvel finished only a few weeks ago, and the Disney+ series already appears to be blowing the internet as the most watched series. The character of Kamala Khan has quickly become a fan favorite, and a lot of fans are thankful to lead star Iman Vellani’s bold performance.

Ms. Marvel finale reveals a X-Men tease
Ms. Marvel’s finale reveals an X-Men tease

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With the excitement with her character and expectation to see more in the future, there was one big reveal at the end of the show that grabbed our attention. In the closing seconds, one mentioned how she has a mutation in her genes, basically making her the first mutant to be known in the MCU.


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Ms. Marvel’s Finale Shows the Latest Hint Leading to the MCU’s X-Men Introduction

Ms. Marvel teases X-Men and Wolverine future possibilities
Ms. Marvel teases X-Men and Wolverine’s future possibilities

Now fans are questioning, what does that even for the future? Is it only a hint towards a potential next season? Or we should expect to see her become a member of the X-Men and collab with the likes of Wolverine or Storm. There is a lot to know. In an interview with The Direct, writer Fatimah Asghar teased about all the chances in the future for this character.

“I love the X-Men. I think to me, the X-Men was my kind of initial point into comics, and into the MCU, like I just loved reading… [having] a school of mutants was just so amazing and so great to think about. And I love a lot of different X-Men. And I think about like, just thinking about Kamala alongside different X-Men, and it would be really funny.”

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She is also credited for the show’s fifth episode called “Time and Again,” and talked about some possibilities about the show’s shocking mutant twist that could show up in Season 2. She said she would really love to see Ms. Marvel working with “the character of Wolverine,” and it would be a big add up to the character’s fangirl energy:

“I think that there’s that moment where like, Wolverine comes and helps her, I’ve always loved that. And I think that if we ever got to see that, you know, I know that that’s complicated… but if we ever got to see that, I think that would be so cool, because it’s just fun to see her, you know, be a fan to people who are kind of jaded and annoyed. And to kind of just to have that banter. And so I think that putting her with someone like Wolverine, you know, it’s such a great kind of moment of synastry.”

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Is Ms. Marvel a Mutant in the MCU?

Kamala Khan might be a mutant in the MCU
Kamala Khan might be a mutant in the MCU

With Kamala Khan being shown to be related to their kind, many of us predicted such a possibility which would reflect the X-Men’s appearance in the MCU sooner. We have to wait for it to happen, and it is hard to ignore how perfect it will be to see Kamala Khan interact with characters such as Wolverine and Kitty Pryde. This character could very well be the pathway into the X-Men franchise.


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The finale leaves Ms. Marvel as the most tangible reference to mutants in MCU. Even if Kamala Khan really does turn into a potential X-Men, it’ll be a good way to write over that failed Inhumans opening while establishing Ms. Marvel’s crucial role in the MCU going forward.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.


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