‘We’ve Got to Get Things Tighter’: Ms. Marvel Producer Bisha K Ali on Why They Edited Out Crucial Avengers Connection


With Ms. Marvel setting down roots in the new Marvel x Disney+ collaboration, fans are finding themselves either highly gracious toward the Phase 4 MCU series or favorable to the earlier takes on Marvel projects that delivered more grit, action, and drama. The Disney+ series catapulted the young Canadian actress, Iman Vellani into an unwarranted array of global fame and she has had to evade and tackle the explosive Marvel fandom ever since, either defending her character or leading the charge for being one of Phase 4’s newest and easily adored additions to the MCU.

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Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani plays Jersey City hero, Kamala Khan

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Ms. Marvel Tests the Water For Veteran MCU Fandom

The latest influx of Marvel shows is radically different from the ones that the Marvel fandom had grown to love and adore. The thematic structure of the movies and series produced under the banner of the superhero franchise during its initial run (Phase 1-3) was something that the audience had expected to continue even after the epic conclusion of the Infinity Saga.

Ms. Marvel Bruno Carrelli
Kamala Khan and Captain Marvel set to appear together in the 2023 movie, The Marvels

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However, in its new forum, the Phase 4 line-up of Marvel Studios projects has spread a wider net encompassing more representation and surpassing cultural barriers. There is something akin to a likable goofiness surrounding the new array of Phase 4 projects and that includes the story of MCU’s young Captain Marvel superfan, Kamala Khan. So far, it has been unnerving for fans of the Daredevil and Winter Soldier era to grow accustomed to the comical and childlike overtones of Ms. Marvel and Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Ms. Marvel Producer Reveals Edited Avengers Connection

While speaking to SyFy, Bisha K. Ali said, “Just the nature of production means you’ve got to truncate. We’ve got to get things tighter. Hopefully, people can see the intention of where we’re coming from in that.” The series producer then goes on to reveal which parts from the show couldn’t make it out of the cutting room:

“Will Dunn, who wrote some great drafts of Episode 6, had this one bit at the end, after the community have helped her, she’s on the way to go and stop what’s happening at the high school. It’s her running through the streets. Someone stops and says, ‘Hey, are you from the Avengers?’ And she says, ‘No, I’m from Jersey City.’ That’s one of my favorite bits but it didn’t make it in the end.”

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
Kamala Khan’s origin arc gets a makeover with a mutant storyline

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In a show that is trying to helm a new era of younger superheroes into the mix while being mindful of the older ones already in play, it becomes difficult for the ever-expanding storyline of the Multiversal Saga to keep all of its content on straight and narrow. And so, producer Bisha K. Ali had to edit out several crucial scenes from her Phase 4 show in order to moderate the soft launch of Ms. Marvel without risking an overload of information onto the audience.

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