“It’s a leap of faith”: Brad Pitt Was Unfazed Despite Being Booed On-Stage for $61M Oscar Nominated Movie That Became a Cult-Classic Years Later

"It's a leap of faith": Brad Pitt Was Unfazed Despite Being Booed On-Stage for $61M Oscar Nominated Movie That Became a Cult-Classic Years Later
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With years of constant dominance in the Hollywood industry, Brad Pitt has proven his acting potential. He has a major fan following and a strong portfolio filled with great projects. Not to forget, his collaboration with one of the best people in the industry perfectly fits him in the list of superstars. Given his strong acting background, it would be quite a shock for anyone to witness an unpleasant experience on the debut of the very project that he invest his blood, sweat, and tears on!

Brad Pitt
American actor, Brad Pitt

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Well, that situation was something that the actor faced in his successful acting career. He starred in the 2011 coming-of-age drama film, The Tree of Life which wasn’t a success initially.


Brad Pitt’s The Tree of Life Got Booed On-stage!

Brad Pitt in the still of The Tree of Life
Brad Pitt in the still of The Tree of Life

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The 59-year-old actor, Brad Pitt starred in the 2011 film, The Tree of Life alongside Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain among several others. The film is directed by Terrence Malick who is highly regarded for his cinematography style and lavish aesthetics.

Given that the project had major big names associated with it, it was quite a surprise to everyone when the first screening at Cannes was a total disaster as the film got negative responses from critics and journalists.


The film was booed on-stage which could have had a drastic impact on the people associated with the project however Pitt knew that this is a beautiful masterpiece that will soon bloom in the industry.

He remained hopeful and the results were outstanding as the film received three Oscar nominations including the Best Picture.

The Tree of Life became a Successful Film!

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was unfazed by the negative critics of his 2011 film

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After the film hit criticisms, the director went off the spotlight not because he avoided it but the fact that he never speaks on behalf of his movies, regardless of the outcomes. The film producer, Sarah Green explained,

“Mr. Malick is very shy and I would say I believe his work speaks for him.”

Even, the Bullet Train star agreed to Green’s statement and went on to talk about the helmer’s vision in the film.

“He tells this micro story of this family in a small town in Texas and juxtaposes it with the macro of the birth of the cosmos and cells splitting.”

He continued,


“I find that so extraordinary. There are parallel truths in that.”

He also talked about a particular scene where “a butterfly lands” on his hand. He shared,

“It’s not in the script, and we didn’t put anything on my hand to make it land there.”

He continued,

“It’s a leap of faith, but that’s the point.”

He went on to reveal the efforts everyone put in to make that film. He recalled how the child actors who were at the core of the film were being roughly explained about their scenes rather than seeing the script. It allowed everyone to follow their instincts which further enhanced the beauty of Malick’s directorial. The film eventually became a cult classic and is now regarded as one of the greatest films of all time.


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