“It’s an escalating show”: Robert Kirkman Confirms Invincible Season 3 is Almost Done, Sends Omni-Man Fans into a Frenzy

Robert Kirkman provides update on the upcoming season of Invincible

"It's an escalating show": Robert Kirkman Confirms Invincible Season 3 is Almost Done, Sends Omni-Man Fans into a Frenzy


  • Robert Kirkman updates fans on season 3 of Invincible even before season 2 premieres.
  • The second season will deal with the legacy that Omni-Man left behind.
  • Invincible Season 2 is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on November 3, 2023.
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Robert Kirkman came out with the first season of Invincible in 2021 which caught everyone by surprise. The show proved to be a unique, no-holds-barred, compelling animated superhero show that impressed audiences and critics.


The relatable premise of a son trying to prove his worth to his father and the entire complex family dynamic between Omni-Man, Mark Grayson and Debbie was such a breath of fresh air for the superhero genre.

A still from Invincible Season 1
A still from Invincible Season 1

The much-awaited second season of the show is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on November 3, 2023. The show was also renewed for a third season even when the first was still siring. Kirkman has a positive update regarding the progress of the third season which fans will be ecstatic to hear about.


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Robert Kirkman Says Invincible Season 3 Is Almost Done

Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman

The Amazon Prime animated show Invincible made a significant impact when it aired its first season in 2021. The series was renewed for a second and third season during the airing of the first. While the second season is set to premiere on November 3, 2023, series creator Robert Kirkman has given an update on the progress of the third season. He told Comicbook.com,

“I’ve seen animatics of every episode (in season 3). So I’ve seen things moving. I’ve seen the actors all edited together. I’ve seen our amazing directing crew and all the board artists have some form of the show together. And so I’ve seen the entire season in rough form, laid out. I’ve seen all the movements I’ve seen where the season ends up and it’s really cool. Like I say, it, it’s an escalating show. Season one was where it’s at, season two is where it’s at. Season three is a little bit higher.

And so it’s tough talking about season three now because no one’s seen season two yet, but it’s really cool being as far along as we are and having the confidence to know, ‘Oh, you like season one? If you like season one, you’re going to love season two and if you really love season two, you’re really, really going to love season three.’ So yeah, we have that kind of like broad view of what we’ve been doing behind the scenes. And so now it’s just a process of wrapping it all up so we can finally share it with the world.”

This positive update on the progress of the series will make fans of the series ecstatic while also making them more excited for the arrival of the second season. It remains to be seen if the second season lives up to the hype and delivers a more superior and compelling narrative than the first season.


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Invincible Season 2 Will Be About The Burden of Dealing With an Infamous Legacy

A still from Invincible Season 2
A still from Invincible Season 2

Showrunners Robert Kirkman and Simon Racioppa recently made an appearance at the 2023 New York Comic Con, where they revealed the trailer for the upcoming second season of their show Invincible. Racioppa talked about the story arc for the season saying, (via AIPT)

“Season one is about Mark’s wanting to become his father. You know, when you’re growing up, you want to be your parent. In this case, you want to be your dad. His dad’s a great superhero. Season two is Mark being terrified that maybe that could happen. So that’s sort of a big theme we explore, is that fear of I wanted to be my dad. Now I don’t want to be my dad, but maybe that’s not up to me anymore. Maybe that might happen anyway.”

Kirkman (via AIPT) added how Mark Grayson will be dealing with the infamous legacy that his father Omni-Man left behind, by saying,


“The burden of legacy. Like he had all these expectations on him because Omni-Man was the greatest superhero that ever lived, and he was worried he wasn’t going to be able to live up to that in season one. And in season two, you know, it’s a completely different burden that has emerged where now, like, oh god! Are you as bad as this guy? He’s constantly having to prove himself time and time again that he isn’t Omni-Man and he doesn’t have that potential in him.”

The arc for the second season of Invincible looks super compelling and it looks like fans are in for another thought-provoking and entertaining ride with the characters of the show. Fans should catch up on the first season of the show on Amazon Prime before the second season starts airing on November 3, 2023.

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