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“It’s another one of those dang multiverse things”: Invincible Season 2 to Rival Across the Spider-Verse Multiversal Story With Terrifying New Villain

“It's another one of those dang multiverse things”: Invincible Season 2 to Rival Across the Spider-Verse Multiversal Story With Terrifying New Villain

The introduction of a promising new storyline from the comics for the second season of Invincible has made impatient fans happy. The wait for the new season has been a long one with season one ending in the March of 2021. Thus, Robert Kirkman is back again and is ready to release part 2 of the series speculatively in late 2023. But that’s not all, the new season will be introducing an old friend of the Invincible’s from the comic books. And the interesting storyline makes it a direct competitor of the Across the Spider-Verse clan.

In a recent interview with Inverse, while promoting Renfield, the creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible, Robert Kirkman detailed the things the fans can expect from the long-awaited second season. Although he did not comment much on the lead, Mark Grayson, the mention of a certain someone, has surely caused some ripples over the internet.

Invincible Season two is set to arrive late this year
Invincible Season Two is set to arrive late this year

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Invincible Season 2 Will Be Introducing an Exciting New Villian

After a long wait for the second season of the Prime Video series, Invincible, the new revelations by Robert Kirkman have the fans pumped up once again. The creator of the comic series revealed that this installment will be bringing Angstrom Levy on board as the terrifying villain. During the promotion of his latest movie, Renfield, Kirkman stated,

“He’ll be a new villain that comes into the series. And if you’ve read the comics, you’re aware of who he is and what his deal is. He’s a villain that has access to multiple dimensions, and so it’s another one of those dang multiverse things.”

Angstrom Levy will the supervillain fighting the Invincible in season two
Angstrom Levy will be the supervillain fighting the Invincible in season two

For the unversed, Angstrom Levy is the supervillain who gained his superpower to travel through alternate dimensions after an accident and inherently blames the Invincible for ruining his life, thereafter chasing the hero to wreak vengeance on him. But wait a second, doesn’t this storyline sound familiar? Fans were quick to catch on the similarity between this and Across the Spider-Verse’s ‘joke’ villain, the Spot.

The Spot is being held as the the Coolest Spider-Man villain
The Spot is being held as the Coolest Spider-Man villain

After the huge success of the Miles Morales movie, fans were eager to know if this was the route the creators of the show are taking. But Kirman was quick to reassure the fans stating,

“We do things in a different way [than the comics], so there’s a little bit of a unique flavor to what we’re doing,” 

Now that the people know what to expect, but at the same time have no clue what different way the series will turn, fans of the Prime Video series are on the edge of their seats to find out what follows next.

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What to Expect From the Second Season?

Apart from it being a multiversal saga, the chemistry of the new villain and protagonist will pack a power punch, keeping the viewers on their toes every moment. The first season of the Prime Video series established some significant groundwork for its second season, introducing compelling storylines such as Mark Grayson grappling with the unsettling revelation that his father possessed malicious intentions and the imminent threat of a Viltrumite invasion. However, in Invincible Season 2, the potential danger posed by the superpowered alien race will not be the concern of the superhero as he will be busy fighting an even mightier adversary.

Angstrom Levy
Angstrom Levy

In the comic series, Angstrom Levy somehow or the other always ends up gaining an advantage through alliances with alternate versions of himself from different dimensions. This raises the stakes a whole lot. Besides that, he uncovers the true identity of Invincible, Mark Grayson, relatively early in the comic book storyline. Consequently, it is likely that this narrative will also be explored in the second season of the television adaptation.

All in all, the reunion of the hero and his arch-nemesis will definitely be worth the wait.

Invincible Season 2 will premiere on Prime Video in late 2023.

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