It’s Been 8 Years Since Kit Harington’s Infinite Warfare and We Still Can’t Believe Call of Duty Tried to Convince us the Campaign Took Place Over 1 Day

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare's campaign timeline is quite questionable.

Kit Harington in Infinite Warfare


  • Although Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare wasn't one of the best CoD titles, it had a campaign that was well-received campaign by the community.
  • Infinite Warfare's campaign took players to outer space for special battles and operations, bringing an exciting adventure.
  • However, even after a span of eight years, it's still astonishing that Infinite Warfare's entire campaign unfolded in a single day.
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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been eight years since the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The game, developed by Infinity Ward, was released in November 2016 and was the second entry in the franchise that featured futuristic combat right after Black Ops III. The game featured all the futuristic jazz you could imagine while expanding the mechanics of its predecessors in multiple ways.


Due to its setting in the far future, Infinite Warfare received more hate than any other title in the Call of Duty franchise when it was initially announced. The game’s multiplayer was an absolute mess, and how Infinity Ward handled it frustrated many. While Infinite Warfare’s campaign was well received, it’s still unbelievable that the entire story occurred in just a single day.

How Exactly Did Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s Entire Campaign Take Place In Just a Single Day?

Infinite Warfare has a questionable campaign timeframe | Call of Duty

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one of the most underrated games in the series. However, the game was not even given a chance, as it was immediately hated upon its reveal, becoming the most disliked gaming video ever. At that time, players were fed up with futuristic shooters and were more agitated with a Call of Duty title based in space. 


Everyone bashed the game’s multiplayer, saying it felt less exciting and borrowed way too much from Black Ops 3. Players felt that the game needed to do more to set it apart from other titles beyond having some maps set in space. However, the game’s campaign was arguably one of the best in the franchise.

Players could engage in massive space battles and even take on side missions, allowing them to take down powerful enemies in space with special operations. That’s not all; the game’s narrative was rich and featured great characters with quite emotional moments. It was a real surprise, but years later, everyone still wonders how exactly the game’s entire story took place over a single day.

Many in the community still find it ridiculous that Infinity Ward expects players to believe that the entire game’s story occurred over a single day. Sure, the ships in the future might travel at wrapping speeds, but it still takes time to plan all the operations we saw in the same. Heck, a lot of tasks even mention waiting for the targets. If the entire main story occurred in one day, it was still believable. However, when you add side quests, it’s astonishing how the game’s plot unfolds in a single day. 


Activision’s Record of Questionable Time Frames in Call of Duty Games

While it’s surprising that Infinity Warfare’s entire campaign happened in a single day, it’s not the first time this has happened in the franchise. Call of Duty games don’t have a great track record of presenting reliable time periods between the start and end of their campaigns. 

For instance, Call of Duty 4 takes place over less than six days. The campaign goes from the protagonist raiding a ship and learning of a nuclear threat to killing two terrorist leaders and the son of one of them. Considering how military operations work in real life, none of these events would’ve happened within a month, much less in six days. 

At the end of the day, all these stories in CoD games are best enjoyed when you don’t look into their timelines or believability. These games are just drama-filled action stories, which have been written for a fun and engaging experience rather than for realism. 




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