‘It’s completely normal for people to be in the family business’: The Batman Star Zoe Kravitz Defends Nepotism and “Nepo Babies” of Hollywood

The Batman Star Zoe Kravitz Defends Nepotism
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Zoe Kravitz, who most recently played the role of Catwoman in The Batman which stars Robert Pattinson in the titular role, is said to be a successful figure in the film industry. Kravitz, who comes from a family with a well-known reputation, harbored deep insecurity that she did not belong in the entertainment industry and is less deserving of her success because she has famous parents.


However, when the actress landed a role in The Batman movie, the realization was a great aid in pacifying her feeling of insecurity. In a recent interview with GQ, the actress even defends nepotism and the “Nepo Babies” of Hollywood.

Zoe Kravitz Takes Jab At Will Smith
Zoe Kravitz

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Zoe Kravitz defends Nepotism and “Nepo Babies”

Tiktok, a popular platform known worldwide, is recently heated with the concept of nepotism in the entertainment industry, often using the term nepo babies. Nepo babies basically define the children of famous celebrities who have grown up in the footsteps of publicity, earning them advantages over other people in the same field.

Zoe Kravitz with her parents
Zoe Kravitz with her parents

Zoe Kravitz, one of such nepo babies, defended nepotism in an interview with GQ. Kravitz, who is the daughter of famous musician Lenny Kravitz and actor Lisa Bonet, mentioned she had a deep insecurity that she didn’t deserve to be in the entertainment industry because of the influence of her popular parents. However, she eased up on the insecurities after getting a role in The Batman

“It’s completely normal for people to be in the family business. It’s literally where last names came from. You were a blacksmith if your family was, like, the Black family,” the Big Little Lies star said.


The Batman was out in theatres worldwide by March 4, 2022

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We are surrounded by many talented Nepotism babies

While there are a lot of celebrities fuelled by nepotism who have accomplished a lot in their respective careers, it is only since May that the internet became aware of it. The hashtag #nepotismbaby has garnered 10 million views on TikTok and become a staple in social media, with everybody lending their opinion on it.


However, the fact that some of these people, namely Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney, Dakota Johnson, and Zoe Kravitz, make up for the benefits they got with their remarkable acting. Such actors surpass their relatives to a point that it’s forgotten they were ever in that category.

Zoe Kravitz in The Batman
Zoe Kravitz in The Batman

Each coin has two sides, and so does nepotism. While some cultivate good use of the opportunities given on their plate, there remain some who are under the spotlight for no reason but a big family name. To give an example, Kendal Jenner and Brooklyn Beckham have borne the brunt of much criticism and are termed as “bad nepo babies”.

The nepotism babies though have to prove their talent more to be taken seriously. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take long for someone to assume the actor is enjoying privileges with no talents of their own.


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Source: GQ

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