“It’s even worse than Will Byers hairstyle”: She-Hulk Season Finale Brings in Hulk’s Son Skaar, Fans Claim His Hairstyle is Worse Than His CGI

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We finally got the conclusion of She-Hulk on Disney+ and it can be said that it didn’t fail to surprise the fans. Although it can’t be said if everyone would like it, the show presented a unique ending, something we have never seen in the MCU. But unfortunately, the VFX department continued to be a total disappointment. It grew even worse as an introduction of a major character from the comics didn’t land well among the fans.

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Tatiana Maslany in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been facing a mountain of criticisms since the first day due to various issues such as the story, humor, and most importantly, the VFX. The jarred VFX of the show led to several memes floating through Twitter and looks like it got a proper elevation after this latest episode.


Spoilers Ahead!

What are the events unfolding in the She-Hulk season finale?

The ninth episode of the She-Hulk series titled Whose Show Is This? marked a very interesting season finale. No matter how much bad reception, the show has created, its landing has divided the Internet as it’s both appreciated as well as hated by many.

The new episode of She-Hulk
Daredevil with Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk

The She-Hulk finale shows a lot of stuff starting from the revelation of the “Intelligencia” to a fascinating sequence of Marvel taking the fourth wall breaking to a whole new level. The list doesn’t end here as surprisingly, we spotted Charlie Cox‘s Matt Murdock once again, and finally, Marvel unveiled Bruce Banner’s son Skaar in the MCU. This episode took a subtle dig at itself by addressing all the criticisms it has been getting since the first. But most surprisingly, it even featured the Tatiana Maslany character altering the ending of her own show.

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The introduction of Skaar in the MCU

Hulk with Skaar in She-Hulk Episode 9

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It was already rumored that the She-Hulk series was setting up a potential World War Hulk movie for a long time. The last episode of the show finally presented why did Hulk leave for Sakaar at the end of Episode 2. If you are wondering, it is the same planet that was shown in Thor: Ragnarok, and the iconic World War Hulk storyline also originates from here only. We are yet to know yet exactly what happened in Sakaar before the Mark Ruffalo character presented his son Skaar to his whole family during the last scene of the show.

Skaar in Marvel Comics

Although the Internet was supposed to go crazy with the MCU setting up the long-talked-about World War Hulk movie, the CGI of the character was an outright disappointment. The character looked nothing like the comics and mainly his hairstyle has been criticized the most by the audiences. In the comics, Skaar is the son of Hulk and Caiera. Some speculations also suggest that this teenage Skaar may get a different storyline in the MCU from the comics. It can just be hoped from Marvel Studios to improve the character so that he looks less goofy in his next appearance.

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The hairstyle of Skaar is an eyesore to the fans

Soon after the release of the season finale, the Internet was flooded with memes and tweets about how bad the live-action version of Skaar looks. Some fans even compared Skaar’s new hairstyle to the controversial hairstyle of Will Byers in Netflix’s Stranger Things. We have collected a handful of tweets that describes the reactions of the fans.




Even though the studio didn’t go official yet about any upcoming World War Hulk project, a minor interaction between the AI at the Marvel headquarters K.E.V.I.N and Jennifer Walters almost confirmed the project. On top of it, all the rights coming back to Disney from Universal studios also points to a solo Hulk project.


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