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“It’s going to be mid”: Blade Fans Unhappy After Moon Knight Writer Confirmed to Write Script From Scratch, Claim Disney+ Series Was Far From Impressive

Blade Reboot and Moonknight

It was recently revealed that the character of Daredevil will be more friendly to the audience as compared to the original dark and gritty character. The fans of Blade franchise are unhappy when the news came out that the writer of Moon Knight (2022) Beau De Mayo will be help

ming the project as the lead writer. The fans felt that Marvel Studios even failed to capture the violent essence of Moon Knight and may do the same for the gritty character of Blade.

Wesley Snipes as Blade in the original Blade (1998).
Wesley Snipes as Blade in the original Blade (1998).

Fans Unhappy For A PG-13 Blade By Moon Knight Writer

With an already ‘diluted’ version of Daredevil coming in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022-) and in Daredevil: Born Again (2024), the fans are now worried about the fate of the vampire-hunting dhampir (a child of a vampire and a human).

Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo will helm the project as lead writer for Blade.
Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo will helm the project as the lead writer for Blade.

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Moon Knight although beloved by the people was a bit damped-down for a more friendly and comedic series. Many people thought that Marvel Studios put a hold on the violence that the comics had portrayed originally. The people took to Twitter to complain against the series while hoping that the upcoming Blade movie will live up to the expectations and hype of the original trilogy.

Since the original Blade Trilogy was a massive hit, the people expect more from the reboot of the franchise and not a diluted series with watered-down violence and making it more friendly. People feel that some series and movies are made to be dark and gritty like The Punisher and Deadpool.

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Blade Should Be A Rated Like Deadpool

The original Blade trilogy was one of the best A-rated films of Marvel Studios.
The original Blade trilogy was one of the best A-rated films of Marvel Studios.

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Like the humorous films of the merc-with-a-mouth, Ryan Reynolds shines as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the Deadpool franchise. The franchise with two movies to its name and a third one on the way has been incredibly successful in terms of story, writing, humor, and, violence. Although there would be no humor in a reboot of Blade, there must be enough violence to appeal to a large audience and not just PG-13 kids.

The recent news came after director Tariq Bassam decided to leave the project amidst shooting. Blade reboot will hit theaters across the world on 3rd November 2023.

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