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“It’s gonna be like Harry Potter though”: Netflix’s One Piece Gets an Update as Director of Photography Confirms Season 2 Was in the Works Even Before the Strikes

Netflix’s One Piece Gets an Update as Director of Photography Confirms Season 2 Was in the Works Even Before the Strikes

One Piece fans got lucky last month after they got to see their favorite manga as a live-action adaptation series. Though it’s not even been a month since the release of One Piece’s live-action adaptation, there’s yet another good news for them.

One of the creatives behind One Piece has revealed the development details of its 2nd Season. Yes, you heard it right. However, this announcement might not be a surprise to the die-hard fans as it was already certain that they would release the news of its 2nd season (that too in no time).

One Piece Live Action Cast
One Piece Live Action

After the the Netflix adaptation was loved by fans worldwide and proved to be a certified hit, undoubtedly it has now green-lit the scope for its 2nd Season.

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One Piece Live Adaptation Season 2 in Development

As per the cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker, One Piece’s live adaptation of Season 2 is in the development process. Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct, Hirsch Whitaker revealed something interesting.

She said that the series’ showrunners had “definitely started writing” the second season before the Hollywood writers’ strike.

One Piece Cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker
One Piece Cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

The cinematographer also asserted that “there is so much material to be made based on the show.” But according to her, there is one thing that is holding the team back “[having] to do it fast before [the cast] gets too old.” She asserted (via The Direct):


“[For] Season 2, there’s just, there’s so much material to be made based on the show. It’s gonna be like ‘Harry Potter’ though, they’re gonna have to do it fast before everybody gets too old.”

Hirsch compared the process with the Harry Potter series because there’s so much to be done. She also believes it is necessary to renew things as soon as possible so that things or the actors won’t get too old.

One Piece Live Action, Luffy, Zoro and Nami
Nami, Luffy and Zoro in One Piece

Just like how the wizardry series has done and kept releasing its movies by taking not so long. Even though the production took place over ten years, they have concluded it very well. So, the live-action adaptation has to follow the same approach without losing track.

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When to Expect One Piece’s Season 2?

The Season 2 of One Piece Season 2 was only just officially announced by Netflix (with an adorable teaser featuring Eiichiro Oda) so definitely there’s time till fans get to see some follow-ups on this new development.

In a conversation with Variety, Marty Adelstein (CEO of One Piece production company Tomorrow Studios) “[they have] got scripts ready.” This statement aligns totally with what Hirsch Whitaker said.

One Piece live action adaptation
The Straw Hat Pirates

In that same interview, Tomorrow Studios president Beck Clements teased a potential release for Season 2, asserting that it is “a year away”:

“Realistically, hopefully, a year away, if we move very quickly, and that is a possibility. Somewhere between a year and 18 months, we could be ready for air.”

If calculated then it would mean that One Piece Season 2 could be released on Netflix in 2025.

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One Piece Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


Source: The Direct

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