“It’s happening, TVA is after Deadpool and Wolverine”: MCU Fans Convinced Ryan Reynolds Has Accidentally Leaked a Huge Plot for Deadpool 3

MCU Fans Convinced Ryan Reynolds Has Accidentally Leaked a Huge Plot for Deadpool 3
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Ryan Reynolds, one of the most loved actors, is returning as Deadpool, one of the most loved superheroes. This time, he is returning to the screen along with frenemy, Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine. There is no shock to the fact that speculations and theories have arisen and will keep on coming until the movie has released.

Ryan Reynolds
Actor Ryan Reynolds

One such rumor is that Owen Wilson’s character in Loki, Morbius, will be seen in the upcoming Deadpool threequel. He is also said to have a big role in the movie. Now, this rumor has been further ignited with a brief interaction between Ryan Reynolds and a cute but creepy Loki character – Miss Minutes. Does the TVA have some business to attend to with Wade Wilson?

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Interaction Between Ryan Reynolds and Miss Minutes

miss minutes
Miss Minutes from Loki

While Twitter is a platform that makes interacting with different people much easier, no one would have ever imagined an exchange of this caliber. There are unusual combos and then there is Ryan Reynolds and Miss Minutes. Yes, the eerie little animated clock from Loki.

An account for TVA’s Miss Minutes tagged Deadpool in a tweet which read, “Hey there, Deadpool. Love, Miss Minutes.” All was okay in the land of the blue bird till then. However, Reynolds’ reply to the tweet, aimed towards his character, is what took the Internet by a storm. Reynolds replied to Miss Minutes’ tweet with a mere “Hello Miss Minutes.” Well, that was enough for fans to bring up their theories about the possible Loki x Deadpool merge and they are quite excited!



Before fans get ahead of themselves with excitement, let’s make one thing clear. The Twitter account the tweet came from, was the unofficial account of Miss Minutes. However, fans can’t help but wonder if Reynolds’ reply was somehow sort of an Easter egg about TVA in Deadpool 3. Replying to a curious fan asking whether she was going to be in the movie, Miss Minutes cleared the confusion by denying it and saying that she was merely saying hi to the neighborhood merc with a mouth.

Is Miss Minutes’ clarification enough for the fans? Of course not! Fans replied to her tweet calling her “Andrew Garfield,” citing to the time when Garfield denied his return as Spider-Man. Since TVA is already rumored to be in the third movie, who know maybe the TVA mascot comes along the ride?


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TVA Might Have to Visit Wade Wilson

deadpool 2
Deadpool 2 mid-credits scene

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Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson finally being introduced into the MCU could happen through Loki’s Time Variance Authority. How? Well, Deadpool 2’s mid-credits scene, that’s how. In the mid-credits scene, the antagonist Cable’s time travel machine gets repaired by the help of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend. The machine is then used by Wade to go back in time and save his girlfriend, Vanessa, who died at the beginning of Deadpool 2.


He also used the machine to run a few more errands, including saving an X-Force member, killing his X-Men Origins: Wolverine variant, and shooting a Reynolds reading the script of Green Lantern. Therefore, the TVA is sure to be interested in a guy who has been messing around with the timeline. If Deadpool is to make an official entry into the MCU, TVA sounds like the perfect option.

Deadpool 3 will release in theatres on November 08, 2023.

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