“It’s kinda annoying at this point”: Pedro Pascal Angers Fans With His Response to Fantastic Four Casting

Pedro Pascal continues to keep his lips sealed.

“It’s kinda annoying at this point”: Pedro Pascal Angers Fans With His Response to Fantastic Four Casting


  • Despite many reports suggesting that Pedro Pascal is set to play MCU's Reed Richards, Pascal himself chose to remain shut on the matter.
  • The lack of any official statements despite overwhelming evidence has left many annoyed.
  • But interestingly, this isn't the first time Pedro Pascal has found himself in a Marvel discussion, as he once auditioned for an acclaimed Marvel show.
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It’s not new for MCU stars to keep a lid on things until Marvel itself comes with an official statement, and sometimes, the lack of confirmation can be really frustrating for fans. And similar is the case with the upcoming Fantastic Four’s casting, as despite overwhelming reports suggesting that Pedro Pascal could headline Mr. Fantastic, the actor himself isn’t spilling any beans.


In a masterful fashion, after being asked about his supposed involvement in the upcoming MCU project, Pascal brilliantly sidestepped from it, but fans aren’t thrilled by the delay in the confirmation.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal in Narcos

Fans Annoyed as Pedro Pascal Refuses to Indulge in MCU Discussions

Not long after sharing an IG post about Pedro Pascal’s involvement in Fantastic Four, director Matt Shakman proceeded to delete his Instagram, which could imply Marvel wasn’t quite happy with the revelation. But unlike Shakman, Pascal is keeping his leaps sealed after being asked if he is involved in the upcoming Fantastic Four during his SAG-AFTRA career retrospective, the actor brilliantly avoided it. Pascal said, “You said this was a 90-minute interview… it’s well past 90 minutes.” 


But while it’s fun to see Pascal’s genius, many are annoyed by the delay in the confirmation, especially after SAG-AFTRA’s official website listed him as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four.



It’s not uncommon for MCU to avoid reports, even with overwhelming evidence, floating around the web, and often wait for the right time to make the big announcement. But with Shakman’s shelved IG account and the SAG-AFTRA listing seemingly confirming the obvious, fans will hope Marvel finally makes it official and lets the hype train officially leave the station.

Reed Richards Marvel
Reed Richards | Marvel Comics

Pedro Pascal Once Auditioned to Star in the Most Acclaimed Marvel Show to Date

This isn’t the first time Pedro Pascal has been involved in a Marvel discussion, as the actor revealed, he briefly auditioned to star in Netflix’s Daredevil after his initial breakout through GOT. After being initially rejected from Narcos, which he eventually attained after the actor that was selected backed out, Pascal revealed that he auditioned to star as a lawyer in Daredevil. Although he couldn’t recall the name of the character that was supposedly a supporting character, in the end, Narcos ended up offering him the job, and the rest is history. He said,


“I was auditioning for Daredevil for Marvel… It was like a supporting character [for Daredevil]. You know, ‘Character Number Six.’ He was a lawyer, I can’t remember the name… So, I was going to test for that role, and so, to intercept the test, they ended up offering me the Narcos [role]. It was like Netflix against Netflix.”

Daredevil in his homemade suit
Netflix’s Daredevil

With overwhelming reports pointing in the direction of Pascal’s inclusion in the upcoming MCU flick, fans will hope an official statement comes soon from Marvel itself.

Fantastic Four is slated for a release on May 2025.


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